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Music Monday: Clara C

I first heard about today’s MM artist when I happened upon her sweet, creative covers on YouTube.    I was into her music right away;  another tragic screamer she is not.  Clara C (the “C” is for Chung) is a musical whiz kid with a soulful, dreamy voice.

With the release of her debut album, “The Art in My Heart,”  Clara showcases her gift for catchy melodies and quirky instrumentation.  The songs are produced by Grammy winner Tom Weir, who’s worked with megastars like No Doubt, Weezer, and Eric Clapton.  They’re also mostly about love , filled with earnest lyrics and a cheerful outlook.

Check out the video for her debut single, “Offbeat:”

And here’s her cover of Far East Movement’s “Rocketeer.”  It’s gorge McGeorge:

She seriously plays a ton of instruments (including the melodica!  Love it!) and is adorable.  I’ve listened to Art quite a bit; I think if you like Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat you’ll dig Clara C a lot.

Must have tracks:


“Fool’s Gold”

“Dear Daphne”

Pick up Clara C’s “The Art in My Heart” on iTunes now!  And if you’re in LA, Seattle, or San Diego check her out in concert.  Have a wonderful day (and if you’re here in FL, enjoy the sunshine!) xx


NewTube Obsession: Submissions Only

Created, written, and directed by Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger, “Submissions Only” is a new web TV series about a couple of best friends- an actress and a casting agent- in NYC.

Wetherhead is Penny, one half of said dynamic duo, who’s recently back in the city from a failed stint in L.A.  She’s really the heart of the show- both really funny and relatable- with the cast of kooky New Yorkers just adding to the LOLs.

It’s kind of like “The Battery’s Down,” but not a musical.  Oh yeah, and it’s also responsible for my new favorite things to yell at people:  for no reason, “Go Mother!” and; when they tell me they had an audition: “Did you book it?!” You’ll get it if you watch.  Here’s a look and some behind-the-scenes action:

Catch “Submissions Only” on YouTube now!

One Week ‘Til Christmas!

Are you ready?  I so am not.  I have bird flu or something and have bought exactly two presents!  I give up.  That’s it.  everyone is getting a copy of this album:

Have a great week, everybody!


Some people need this sign.

I’ve been hearing a lot of singers lately.  I spend a lot of time at a karaoke club, and you get all kinds there.  I’ve also been contacted on Twitter by crazies who said they wanted me to look at their YouTube ’cause their music will “TAKE OVER MY iPOD!” (Spoiler alert:  it didn’t.  It sucked)

Now, I’m not talking about people who like to sing for fun, or drunk people out for a good time.  I’m talking about crazy people who go into the studio and record terrible vocal tracks.  People who want to perform for a living, but have no idea what they’re doing.  People who get on stage and act like they’re about to “show you something.”

Really, dude?  Because I’m pretty sure you haven’t hit that high note right once.  And honey, that vein popping out of your neck while you sing doesn’t mean you’re singing better.  It means you’re about to have an aneurysm.

I’m not trying to be a hater.  I love people who have unique sounding voices and who are rough around the edges.  That’s the beauty of the human voice- no two are the same. But, um, tell me this isn’t really bad:

(OK fine, I admit.  I didn’t really put that on here to illustrate my point, it’s just so funny.  I’m still not over it, months after seeing it for the first time.)

In any case, my problem isn’t that people go out there and sing who aren’t that good.  It’s that they truly believe they’re wonderful, and they have no desire to improve.  You know, I’m my toughest critic.  And, I think, that’s OK.  We should look at ourselves with a critical eye.  It makes us better.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have fun with it- the reason I perform is ’cause it’s fun!

I guess that, in this American Idol age, I wish that some folks were a bit more. . . realistic.  Am I a mean person?  Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Go out and do something you love today!

Music Monday: Pop! Goes the Acoustic Cover

I’m baaack!  I’ve had a wonderful break back home in Hawaii.  The wedding (my boyfriend was the Best Man) was beautiful and so much fun.  I can’t believe it’s already over.  But back to real life.  And back to blogging!  I’ll post some of the highlights of my trip later, but for now it’s Monday!  You know what that means. . .

This week I’m going to do something a little different.  Instead of bringing you info about a newer artist, I’m going to bring you several amazing covers.  If you don’t know, I have a deep love of Pop music, so I lourve to hear my favorite club bangers* and radio hits  done in a new acoustic way.

First up, it’s Tiffany Eugenio with her take on Usher’s “OMG.”  This multi-talented Canadian takes the edge off this club hit by stripping it down to just her and a guitar (she also plays piano on other covers).  Her voice has a kind of Sarah MacLachlan vibe that transforms “OMG” from Hip-Hop to an almost ethereal ballad.  Long story short:  It’s really pretty.




Next, my obsession, “Karmin” does a badass rendition of Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World.”  Seriously, it’s fire.  With Amy on vocals/ guitar and Nick on the cajon, this cover is probably better than the original.  Check it out, then watch their other rad covers (a favorite is   Enjoy:

Support Karmin by picking up their EP on iTunes!

You’ve probably heard of Boyce Avenue.  Their the most watched channel on YouTube, or something.  Anywho, they put up this version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” a few days ago, and I’m a fan of it.  It features bandmemember Alejandro singing and playing all instruments- cajon, piano, and guitar.  Me likey.

Btw, is it just me, or is cajon the most fun word ever?  Sounds kinda dirty, right?  Anywhoo. . .

Finally, it’s George Azzi with an amazing cover Timbaland and Justin Timberlake’s  “Carryout.”  Not only can he play his brains out, but I’m pretty sure that he’s wasted in this vid.  Just sayin’.  This vid is a part of his “Undress A Cover” series, featuring acoustic covers of kinda ridiculous pop songs.  I think it’s the best one.

You can get Azzi’s EP, “Dark Rooms Have No Corners” on iTunes now!

*This is not my term.  I would never make up something so ridiculous.

What did you think?  Are these cover-artists the business or what?!  Or should I take another long vacation so I can get it together?  Let me know!

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