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Music Monday: VMAs Edition!

Last night was the MTV VMAs!  I mostly watched to see if there would be any major dramaticals a la Kanyegate 2009, but I was hoping for some inventive performances, too.  For today’s Music Monday post, I’m gonna run down some of my favorite moments!

1.  DJ Mickey Head (DJ DeadMau5)

"When you wish upon an LED. . ."

Why does he exist? Is it a commentary on how corporate greed is killing the music industry?  How can he spin with that thing on?  No matter, he kept me grooving before commercial breaks, and he offered my friends and I hours (and status update loads worth) of intrigue.

2.  That Stage

It totally amped up Usher’s performance with lasers and light.  It turned ethereal white for Florence + The Machine’s amazing spectacle.  And it provided Kanye a perfect entrance moment for his closing number.  I’m gonna need MTV to incorporate this bad boy for everything from now on.

3.  Fierce Femmes

Speaking of Flo + M, how badass was she?  I loved everything about her performance of “Dog Days Are Over.”  Everything was pitch-perfect; from the crazy dancing to the drums and lights.  I hope she actually gets played on MTV after this.

It was also great to see Robyn out there for a hot second.  This Swedish stunner has come a long way from her old teen pop days in the 90s.  She’s put out some fantastic dance music, including “Dancing On My Own,” which she performed last night.

I also loved Lady Gaga’s outfits and awards speeches.  She was pure entertainment.  Chelsea Handler was pretty funny as the host.  I’m not sure her brand of humor was always a good match for the crowd, but her video short with Jason Derulo was really cute.  All in all, I think the ladies totally brought it last night.

That being said. . .

Stuff That Was Wack

Taylor Swift

When it comes to Taylor, Kathy knows best

I want to be on her side, but that much-hyped performance was LAME.  I mean, it’s been a year TayTay- get over it.  She acted like it was this horrible thing that she’s still rebounding from, and not the major career boost that it was.  And, like, I couldn’t be moved by the song anyway ’cause she was so off pitch.

Cheers to another VMAs.  It’s probably one of the two times that I watch MTV all year.  Well, for more than 10 minutes while I get dressed in the morning.  So, did you watch the VMAs this year?  Do you have a new appreciation for lasers after Usher’s performance? What was your favorite part of the show?  Tell me in the comments!


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