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My December (or Why I Didn’t Write)

You know, I started this blog over a year ago to discuss many things, but also to document my crazy life.  But that’s the thing with having a crazy life:  sometimes it’s too crazy to write about!  Don’t believe me?  Well, I’ll tell you about the  other things I’ve been doing that have made me too busy to write this month.  (Excuses, excuses. . .)

So, I didn’t write because. . .

“I was reconnecting with friends at the theatre.”

My friend, the beautiful Erin Wegner Brooks is currently on tour with the musical Young Frankenstein, and they came through Orlando December 1st.  Some friends and I got together to watch her, and even got a backstage tour afterward!

Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas reunion: Iriann, Me, Erin, and Tyler

“I was trying to get on TV.”

Photo courtesy Andre D. Brown

Ever year, Disney films performances for its Christmas Day parade just a little bit in advance.  So, early this month, I joined the Encore! Cast Choir to sing with America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho.  Did you see me Christmas Day?  Yeah.  I thought not.

“I was helping plan an epic party.”

Work hard, play hard, right?  That’s what I like to think.  So, last year when my friend Terennce had the amazing idea to throw a dance party for other Entertainment peeps, I was definitely on board.  The 2009 party was such a good time, we decided to do it again this year.  Expectations were way high for us, but I think we pulled it off.

Party planning committee: Me, Alex, and Terennce

The best part?  We had a surprise guest!  My old buddy Bruno Mars was in town for a show at House of Blues, and he came with a friend of ours to check out our happenin’ fiesta.  I was wearing monster heels, so I took the prize opportunity to make him feel like a major shorty- which I hadn’t been able to do in YEARS.

Me: "Way to ruin our reunion photo, nerd." Him: "That's what you get!"

Jingle Ball 2010 was definitely a highlight of my December.  But there’s more!

“I was hanging out with my family.”

Mom, Dad, and Little Sis’ flew in from Hawaii to hang out in the theme parks.  Which were absolute INSANITY this time of year.  I spent a week hopping from park to park- in between working!  I also finally got to go into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a guest (I’m busy!) and go through the queue line for the Forbidden Journey ride.  It was the business!

Hoping I get sorted into Slytherin by the Sorting Hat.

So, can’t you see how many other things were going on?  Isn’t it completely plausible that I might have taken a quick break?  Oh. . . who am I kidding?  I was just being lazy most of the time!  I promise to do better in the coming year.  Hopefully, I’ll have more amazing experiences to share with you.  2011, Here I come!

Happy New Year, everyone!  How was your 2010?  Will you be making any resolutions for 2011?  Let me know in the comments.  Have a safe NYE!


That’s Cool and All, But I Like the “Glee” Version Better

Before I get into today’s post, let me start by saying a big honking THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented this week!  Being “Freshly Pressed” made my whole day (seriously.  I jumped up and down like a third grader and whooped so loud, people at work came to my dressing room to make sure I wasn’t stroking out), and everyone had such interesting thoughts about Bruno, stardom, and the BOOGER SUGAR.*

I loved reading everyone’s comments!  Keep ’em coming!  It took me a second to get them all up because I was celebrating my 2nd-Place win in our cast Cupcake Challenge.  I took it abnormally seriously and I’m very proud of my little ribbon, thankyouverymuch.  Chocolate Peanut-Buttercream cupcakes, FTW!

"If you're not first, you're last."

While I just know you came here to listen to me blab on and on about how jazzed I am to be Freshly Pressed, I’ve also got another point in today’s post.  Let’s get to the good stuff:

Last time I mentioned that Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’ song “Billionaire” was featured on the season premiere of “Glee,” and how crazy-bananas cool that was.  Well, after rewatching it several hundred times on Hulu, I got a. . . funny feeling inside.  Then at work I was talking about the season premiere and my coworker said something that helped me come to terms with what I’m about to say.  Here goes:  while I like the show and adore many of the stars and crazy antics, I don’t like the musical numbers.

I know, I know.  The whole show is musical numbers, right? I know it sounds bananas, but hear me out.  Glee shines best when the club does remakes of great (or cheesy) old hits.  They take songs that you forgot about- or have always loved, and use them to tell a story.  It introduces a whole new generation to some great music, but it doesn’t get any deeper than the introduction.

The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3

"Don't mess up my song."

I was talking to a girlfriend a while ago, and my iPod was on in the background.  Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me” came on, and I immediately started rocking out.  My friend bobbed her head, and asked who it was.  After I told her, she sang along for a bit before finally saying, “I like the Glee version better.  It’s so awesome.”

No it’s not.  It’s cute.  Amber Riley, who sings the Glee cover, is a wonderful singer, but she’s auto-tuned to death and doesn’t do anything new with the song.  Coming from Riley, “Hate on Me”s middle finger to life’s naysayers feels weightless.  She doesn’t have the depth of Scott, but no one cares.  The track has a hot beat and sounds like the latest hit on the radio.  So why would you download the original on iTunes when this version sounds so . . . perfect?

And that’s just it.  As talented as so many young people are these days, why does every song on Glee sound like it was recorded with that T-Pain iPhone app? Amber Riley can really sing.  Why did they take away the soul of her voice?  You can still get a pitch-perfect track without over-producing it.  And if you can’t, why is that person on my TV?!

Am I totally  crazy?  Are the Glee covers way better than the originals?

*Full disclosure:  I did not think of this gem myself.  My good friend is a comedian- literally- and he said it when I told him the original story about Bruno over the weekend.  Once I finished peeing my pants, I took a mental note of it, and voilà.

I’ve Got Good News. . . And Bad News. . .

Glee cast version single cover.

Image via Wikipedia

I’ll start with the good news first, ‘kay?  That way, after I break the bad news to you, we can cuddle and talk it over.  Shh. . . just go with it.

Hooray!  Bruno Mars’ and Travie McCoy’s song “Billionaire” was featured on the season premiere of Glee!  New kid in town Sam, after being discovered singing in the shower, jams out with the glee club boys in an understated version of the song.  Not that the song hasn’t been played to death already, but Glee songs definitely get a mayjah boost in iTunes downloads.

PS did anyone else die when Cheyenne Jackson showed up as the new director of rival choir Vocal Adrenaline?  Squee!

Wah wah waaaaaah.  Now for the bad news.  According to TMZ online, Bruno was busted in

"Always tip bathroom attendants."

Las Vegas over the weekend with cocaine.  Local police caught up with him in a bathroom stall at the Hard Rock after a bathroom attendant tipped them off.  According to police, he handed over a bag of “white powder” (which later tested positive as cocaine) when asked to and admitted that he had acted foolishly and had “never done drugs before.”

Um. . . yeah.  I have a lot of thoughts about this story.  First of all, who wants to bet that bathroom attendant got the axe- Marie Antoinette style?  He really took that saying, “See Something, Say Something” to heart, okaaaaaaay?! I mean, he did the right thing for sure, but Vegas hotels can’t be shuttin’ down the parties if they want stars to come around.  You know I’m right.

Second, WHY OH WHY?!  Groan.  If you’ve been around the last month, you know that Bruno and I know each other. This story really hurts my heart, kids.  I hate to see this kind of trouble come to him, especially if it’s some kind of misunderstanding. And if it’s not, well that sucks, too.

Is it just me, or is everyone on drugs?  I feel like every time I turn around, another celeb is getting busted with the booger sugar- or some other wacky substance.  I know that we’re more likely to hear about stars getting caught up in the law because of our collective celebrity- obsession, but seriously- everyone is on freaking drugs.  Or anorexic.  Or both.  What gives?!

Of course, I’m reserving judgment on this one until all is said and done.  It’s just shocking, right here and now.  I’m gonna need this to get resolved for better or for worse, so that Bruno can continue to do great things, and not fall into Scary Lohan territory.

So, what do you think of this story?  Is everyone in Hollywood high?  Why do celebrity and the high-life seem to go hand in hand?

Music Monday: Bruno Mars

I have a confession to make: This post represents a conflict of interest. I have a personal stake in you buying and liking Bruno Mars‘ music because. . . I know him. He’s from Hawaii like me. We kind of grew up together (at least until middle school). Our moms are really good friends, and I squeed like a true fangirl the first time I heard “Nothin’ On You” on the radio.

There. I’ve said it. Now you’ll know that this post is totally biased, but I don’t care. You know you love that “Billionaire” song with Travis Travie McCoy- even though it is grossly overplayed. And you can’t deny that this mashup of “Just the Way You Are” with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is brills.

So, I won’t drone on about why you should pick up Doo Wops & Hooligans when it comes out on October 5th.  Maybe if I were a music critic for serious I would try and be impartial- but this is little Bruno, the kid who taught me how to Moonwalk.  Just do it.

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