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Music Monday: AWOLNATION

Happy Monday!  Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week! I know I did- Harry Potter 7.2 let me have it at the theater.  More on that later. . .  Today is all about the music.  This week’s MM artist seamlessly joins rock angst and electronica.  It’s the fresh, alternative sound of AWOLNATION.

This alternative rock band is the solo project of Aaron Bruno (Under the Influence of Giants).  Bruno initially started AWOLNATION after Red Bull Records approached him in 2009.  After several false starts, their first full-length album, Megalithic Symphony, was released in March.

On the first single, “Sail,” Bruno’s moody wail screeches above a driving electrobeat. It’s the album opener, and sets a fierce tone for the rest of this funky album.  Check out the video for “Sail:”

Funkaaaaay!  I first heard “Sail” on an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” and was hooked.  Check out the rest of Megalithic Symphony.  It rocks.

Must have tracks:


“Guilty Filthy Soul”

“Burn It Down”


You can pick up AWOLNATION’s stuff on Amazon or iTunes.  Let me know what you think! Have a great week, folks! xx



HAIR- A Peek Inside Opening Night!

2009 Broadway revival poster

Image via Wikipedia

As proof of my profound laziness and to introduce you to a good friend of mine, I’m linking to an awesome post about the recent Opening Night of HAIR on Broadway.  My good friend, Shaleah Adkisson, has been on tour with the production, which is making a pit-stop on Broadway for the summer.  Our good buddy, Alex, represented at Opening Night- and the fabulous party afterward. Ch-ch-check it out!

Musical Theatre Guy:

“Celebrating A Broadway Debut. . .”

Hope you’ve all had a great week! I’ll be back next week with fresh reviews, recommendations, and a new project! xx

The HAIR, The HAIR, Is Everywhere

Photo Credit: The Rock River Times

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (which you probably haven’t) you know that I have a deep love for the musical HAIR.  I grew up listening to many of the songs with my mom, and I fell in love with the New Cast Recording from 2009’s Broadway revival.  You can imagine my joy, then, when one of my dearest friends, Shaleah Adkisson, joined the 1st National Tour.  She’s been traveling the country for the last 9 months, but HAIR finally came to Orlando and I got to see Shaleah do her thing as a member of the Tribe.

It was such a wonderful week!  The roomies and I saw the show twice, and both times it was so powerful and such fun.  If you haven’t seen HAIR on stage, please do!  Be warned: people get butt naked in it.  For some reason, several people in the audience seemed not to know that, and were freaked out.  I feel like that is common knowledge, but whatevs.  So now you know.

"Duh DUNK!" Giving "Law & Order" intensity.

The best part about Shaleah being back in town is getting to take her to all of her favorite haunts.  Namely, Seito Sushi in Celebration.  I think we’ve spent hours there just talking, drinking plum wine, and gorging on their delicious sushi.  We might have single-handedly kept them in the black in 2008.

I’m definitely sad to see her go (boo!) but totes excited to celebrate her Broadway debut when the tour cast of HAIR goes to the Great White Way for 10 weeks this summer!  SQUEE!

Have any of you seen HAIR?  What did you think? A big Congratulations to Shaleah!  Click here for tickets to see HAIR on Broadway this summer. Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx

Look At These Hipsters

The other day I was having what I like to call a “web trip.”  Basically it’s where I start out Googling a certain topic, intending to find out some specific information, then I look up from my computer and it’s four hours later and I’m stuck looking at something completely unrelated to my starting point.  Because of my previously stated Internet Addiction, this happens to me roughly. . . every night.

The downside of this is that I Stumble Upon some crazy shiz that freaks me out, also that I rarely go to bed at a decent hour or enjoy a proper dinner.  The upside of this is that I find funny stuff to post here!  So let’s just concentrate on the upside, umkay?

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that hipsters are out of control. Did you know that the insanity has spread to the world of Disney animation?  Oh you did? OK well whatever.  It’s my blog and Imma post some Hipster Disney stuff.  Enjoy!

The merm’ that started it all:  Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Geekosystem.com

This is amazeballs.  Remember that part in the movie?  Who knew Ariel was so ahead of the mainstream?  Also, there’s this photo of Traci Hines, a real-life Hipster Ariel:

Photo: Traci Hines

Apparently this is called Cosplay, or “costume play” and is an actual thing where people dress up like Anime and cartoon characters IRL.  Please feel free to not educate me on this if you’re into it and know all about it.  What the eff?!

Here are some other cute ones (all are from Hell Yes Hipster Disney!)

I could go on forever, but you’ve all got lives to lead.  Check out the hipster Disney site.

And, if you’re in Orlando and in the mood to watch talented ladies stick it to The Mouse in real life, check out “Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom” at the Orlando Fringe Festival.  It’s running ’til Saturday- and it’s so good!  Have a great day everyone! xx

Sister Act Comes to Broadway

Sister Act (musical)

The Whoopi Goldberg-produced musical. Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday’s episode of The View featured a performance by Patina Miller and the cast of “Sister Act the Musical.” This musical comedy is based on the 1992 film starring Whoopi Goldberg.

In case you forgot, the plot centers around a wannabe Vegas nightclub star, Delores Van Cartier, who witnesses a murder and has to enter the Witness Protection Program. The police stick her in a convent, where she soon shakes things up by taking over the struggling choir.

The show opened on  London’s West End in June 2009, and  closed in October of last year.  The show is expected to open at the Broadway Theatre on April 20th of this year, with previews starting March 24th.  Patina Miller will be reprising her role, which marks her Broadway debut (Woo hoo!).

Check out the cast of “Sister Act the Musical” as they work it on The View:

Thoughts???  I hope I can catch this show while it’s on Bway, but is it just me, or should they really have made Sister Act 2 the Musical?!  I would kill to see that ending number with all the kids.  Anyone?  Ah, well.  In any case, have a great day everyone!

Singing Out of Turn


"Your love is like BAAAAAD MEDICINE!"


Sometimes I wish life were like a musical.  Not all the time, because I wouldn’t want people breaking out into song while I’m shaving my legs or whatever, but still.  Sometimes I do wish I could sing my order at a restaurant.

And a lot of the time when someone is talking to me their words trigger songs titles in my head.  (Once, The Boyfriend was telling me a story about an ailing relative, and I accidentally started singing Run-DMC’s “You Be Illin'” under my breath.  I apologized for an hour.)

Still, I can’t imagine singing during some of life’s more. . . real moments.  Until now.  A few weeks ago I saw this video a friend posted on Facebook:

Bahahahaha!  That’s Deitra Hicks, star of several of Tyler Perry’s stage plays, and my new idol.  She really let out some Gospel riffs while defending herself at the People’s Court (or whatever that show is called)!  I mean, is that really the time to flex your vocal stylings?  Sigh.  I guess her insanity is our gain.

I’m gonna need this trend to continue.  I mean there’s already these crazy people who surprise Midwestern tourists in time square, but I want to see YouTube vids of soccer moms krumping at the DMV.  I need a little US Postal worker “Pippin,” or someone to bust into Mariah Carey at the drive-thru.

Let’s all pull together to make the dream reality.  I’ll do it, too.  Just don’t expect me to sing here, umkay?

What do you think?  Do you wish life was a musical?  Let me know in the comments, and have a great day!

Black Swan: A Little Bit Creepy, But Still Good (Probably)

I trust you’ve all seen this trailer for Black Swan?

This looks creepy as hell. But also fantastical, so I will be there on opening night, duh. There are three things I like about this movie already. First, Natalie Portman. I think that angels crafted her face. I could stare at her for two hours on screen no matter what she was doing. But the fact that this movie is about Ze Dance is amazeballs. Oh, that’s the second thing. Ballet movies are always fun because ballet is so hardcore. Oh, and ’cause watching the editors cut from the actors’ sloppy dancing to a trained dancer’s perfect form is fun times.

The buzz about town is that Natalie Portman will get an Oscar for this movie, so she’ll probably get one. I need to get my friends to band together and create buzz about how I’m gonna win an Oscar. Sheesh.

The third thing I like about it (which wasn’t really in the trailer) is Benjamin Millepied, who choreographed “Black Swan” and also has a small part. He is such a gorgeous dancer. Check out his choreography:

Swoon.  I can’t wait to see this movie on December 1st!

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