Well That Was Fast

This is literally what I found when I Googled "Sad Bunny."

Bummer, you guys! Looks like NBC’s The Playboy Club was cancelled.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial show got the axe after disappointing ratings a second week in a row.  Several advertisers pulled spots after a proposed boycott from the Parents Television Council on grounds the show is “degrading and sexualizing.”

Um. . . derrr.  It’s a show.  On American television.  About Playboy.  Do we really need a boycott for a show that pretty much everyone knows is going to have a lot of the smexing? Is this to protect the kids?  I know plenty of kids.  They are too busy watching their own shows to give a crap what’s on their parents’ TV.

I digress.  The point of this post was to talk about the void for a show about the swingin’ 60s that was left by The Playboy Club.  I mean, we have the genius that is AMC’s Mad Men, and the cigarette-free twilight zone that ABC has created with their 60s-era drama Pan Am.  But I just think we need one more show about the 1960s!

I know I sound harsh.  Truth is, I liked the show.  But I’m a sucker for sharp tailoring, thick eyeliner, and a Tina Turner impersonator.  I will watch practically anything set in the 60s (and the 40s).  I just wish this show had been on cable.  Part of the drama of that time was the sexual tension, race issues, and gender issues.  I’m not sure a network TV show can handle all that controversy. . . and not get run out of town.

"Can I stay at your place? I'm sorta. . . in between jobs right now. . ."

I’m especially bummed for Laura Benanti, the gorgeous actress who plays Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne.  She is a fierce betch and made the show fun to watch.  I really hope this gorgeous Broadway vet gets another job on the TV.  Maybe she and the other bunnies could catch a Pan Am flight and start new careers! ; )

What do you think?  Did NBC cancel The Playboy Club too soon?  Which network show is next?  And what are kids these days watching?  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx


Music Monday: Frankmusik

Hi, peeps! OK, I realize that you must think I died or slipped into a cupcake-induced diabetic coma.  Never fear, I’m here.  I’ve been here.  Well, not here here.  Part of the reason I haven’t updated in a few weeks is because of my epic trip home to Hawaii (it ruled.  I might write about it in a couple of days), and also because I’ve been listening to really bad music and seeing bad movies.  Not on purpose.  I’ve been busting my booty trying to find something cool to bring you, but I hadn’t had much luck until this past week.  Honest.

Photo credit: coffeeandbars.com

Enough about me.  Let’s just get right into it, shall we?  This week’s MM artist has been featured by me already

(before there was a Music Monday to speak of), and he’s back with a hot new album.  I’m talking about the electropop yumminess that is Frankmusik.

Born Vincent James Turner, Vincent Frank (Wikipedia says the surname “Frank” is a tribute to his grandfather. A-dorable!) is a British solo artist with the uncanny ability to create a huge pop sound as Frankmusik.   Driven mostly by keys and synth, all of his songs have seriously dance-able beats.  Check out the first single and title track from his new album, “Do It in the AM:”

While he is signed to Cherry Tree Records, a dance-heavy label with party-rockers LMFAO and pop hip-hoppers Far East Movement, the party isn’t always raging underneath his catchy hooks and pounding drums. Listen closer and you’ll find songs about disintegrating relationships and longing.  Check out this acoustic version of ,”Cut Me Down” an extra track Frankmusik posted on Soundcloud last month:

If you like what you heard here, follow @Frankmusik on Twitter for more free tracks.

Must-have tracks:

“Do It in the AM (feat Far East Movement)”

“The Fear Inside”


“Cut Me Down”

Frankmusik’s new album, “Do It in the AM,” comes out TODAY on iTunes.  Ch-ch-check on it! Also, catch him on tour with Erasure through 2012.   Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week! xx

New Project: Head Of The Class

At the start of summer I had a change in my work schedule, and found myself with my mornings mostly free.  I had decided that I would take it easier this summer (less working, less partying, more sleep), but I’ve also been thinking about all of the resources that I have around me.  I mean, I know so many talented people, I might as well learn something from them, right?

I really committed to this last year with what I jokingly called the Tracy Chapman Project (to be a black acoustic guitarist who sings emotional folk songs), but I’m amping it up with a new acting class and several dance classes.  Woohoo! I figure, guitar lessons have been going so well, why not use my free time productively instead of sitting around the house eating entire boxes of strawberry Newtons (yeah, it’s happened).

Me and my babies!

My acting class will focus on film acting, and will last for twelve weeks.  Hopefully I’ll stretch myself as an actor and learn more about myself.  Those will be my main goals for the class.  I’ll be posting here about my progress.

I was their age when I started dancing. I promptly quit. Then I came back. I wanted out too, kids.

For dance classes, I’m going to be focusing primarily on jazz and ballet (the two forms I started with as a wee babe).  I might be looking in to tap, but I seriously dislike doing it (LOVE watching it!), so that is doubtful at this point.  On the dance front, my focus will be improving my technique and flexibility.  I’d also like to get better at picking up choreography.  Before I moved to Orlando I was taking class weekly (and I was getting pretty good, too!), but I’ve been mad lazy. So, for the rest of the year I’m recommitted to ze dance.  BOOM! KACK!

You might be wondering why I’m doing this (let alone why I’m telling you).  It’s simple:  I found myself, after several years working as a performer, becoming stagnant.  I wasn’t really learning and growing as a performer.  True, I have been making connections and learning about the business, but the feeling of progress and feeling like I was constantly improving wasn’t there.  For someone like me that can lead to unhappiness pretty quickly.  I’ve gotta feel like I’m moving forward or I feel like I can’t breathe.  It’s easy to get complacent as an actor when you’re working, but that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.  This is not a profession where you can ever rest on your laurels.

So, I’m making a change.   How about you?  How are you working towards your best self?  I know that sounds super self-helpy, but I mean it!  Let’s discuss in the comments below.  Have a great day, all! xx

Music Monday: AWOLNATION

Happy Monday!  Hope you’ve all enjoyed this week! I know I did- Harry Potter 7.2 let me have it at the theater.  More on that later. . .  Today is all about the music.  This week’s MM artist seamlessly joins rock angst and electronica.  It’s the fresh, alternative sound of AWOLNATION.

This alternative rock band is the solo project of Aaron Bruno (Under the Influence of Giants).  Bruno initially started AWOLNATION after Red Bull Records approached him in 2009.  After several false starts, their first full-length album, Megalithic Symphony, was released in March.

On the first single, “Sail,” Bruno’s moody wail screeches above a driving electrobeat. It’s the album opener, and sets a fierce tone for the rest of this funky album.  Check out the video for “Sail:”

Funkaaaaay!  I first heard “Sail” on an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” and was hooked.  Check out the rest of Megalithic Symphony.  It rocks.

Must have tracks:


“Guilty Filthy Soul”

“Burn It Down”


You can pick up AWOLNATION’s stuff on Amazon or iTunes.  Let me know what you think! Have a great week, folks! xx


HAIR- A Peek Inside Opening Night!

2009 Broadway revival poster

Image via Wikipedia

As proof of my profound laziness and to introduce you to a good friend of mine, I’m linking to an awesome post about the recent Opening Night of HAIR on Broadway.  My good friend, Shaleah Adkisson, has been on tour with the production, which is making a pit-stop on Broadway for the summer.  Our good buddy, Alex, represented at Opening Night- and the fabulous party afterward. Ch-ch-check it out!

Musical Theatre Guy:

“Celebrating A Broadway Debut. . .”

Hope you’ve all had a great week! I’ll be back next week with fresh reviews, recommendations, and a new project! xx

The HAIR, The HAIR, Is Everywhere

Photo Credit: The Rock River Times

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (which you probably haven’t) you know that I have a deep love for the musical HAIR.  I grew up listening to many of the songs with my mom, and I fell in love with the New Cast Recording from 2009’s Broadway revival.  You can imagine my joy, then, when one of my dearest friends, Shaleah Adkisson, joined the 1st National Tour.  She’s been traveling the country for the last 9 months, but HAIR finally came to Orlando and I got to see Shaleah do her thing as a member of the Tribe.

It was such a wonderful week!  The roomies and I saw the show twice, and both times it was so powerful and such fun.  If you haven’t seen HAIR on stage, please do!  Be warned: people get butt naked in it.  For some reason, several people in the audience seemed not to know that, and were freaked out.  I feel like that is common knowledge, but whatevs.  So now you know.

"Duh DUNK!" Giving "Law & Order" intensity.

The best part about Shaleah being back in town is getting to take her to all of her favorite haunts.  Namely, Seito Sushi in Celebration.  I think we’ve spent hours there just talking, drinking plum wine, and gorging on their delicious sushi.  We might have single-handedly kept them in the black in 2008.

I’m definitely sad to see her go (boo!) but totes excited to celebrate her Broadway debut when the tour cast of HAIR goes to the Great White Way for 10 weeks this summer!  SQUEE!

Have any of you seen HAIR?  What did you think? A big Congratulations to Shaleah!  Click here for tickets to see HAIR on Broadway this summer. Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx

Music Monday: A New National Anthem?

Grr. They always forget Hawaii and Alaska! Photo credit: bite-dose.com

Have you heard about this?  Goshen College, a small liberal-arts college in Indiana has banned the Star-Spangled Banner from sporting events held on campus.  Officials at the school told The Chronicle of Higher Education, they’d prefer a song “that fits with sports tradition, that honors country, and that resonates with Goshen College’s core values and respects the views of diverse constituencies.”

The Mennonite liberal-arts college, which has traditionally been strongly pacifist, had allowed an instrumental version of the National Anthem to be played at events, but decided to ban the song altogether after outcry from those who believe the Anthem glorifies war.

Now, before hearing this story, my only real problem with the Star-Spangled Banner is that it’s just one major run-on sentence.  Like, for serious, what gives?  No wonder kids today can’t spell or write anything.  Our National Anthem is a grammatical nightmare!  (OK, Grandma rant over.)

After reading this story, I don’t really have an opinion about Goshen’s reasons for banning the anthem, but it did get me thinking- what other song should be our National Anthem?  I mean, the Star -Spangled Banner is about a battle, and not our country as it is today- complete, and with tons of natural beauty.  So, just for funsies, I’m gonna suggest a couple new National Anthems!

My Country Tis of Thee

Because, you know, it’s about the country and stuff.  My one rule is that this hat must be worn when this song is sung:

America the Beautiful

I love this song!  It’s so pretty; it says “America” in it, like, 50 times; and it can be jazzed up or down.  Clear winner!

Independent Woman Pt. 1

If you think about it, what song better defines the US of A? in 1776, she fully gave Britain “the hand” and told those Redcoats to fall back! Plus, this song celebrates our spirit of entrepreneurship! (No?  Fine. . . it’s just a hot song and I wanted to hear it today, OK?)

What do you think our next National Anthem should be? Tell me your suggestions- and your thoughts on Goshen College- in the comments!  And, Happy Birthday, America!  You look pretty good for 235! xx

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