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Well That Was Fast

This is literally what I found when I Googled "Sad Bunny."

Bummer, you guys! Looks like NBC’s The Playboy Club was cancelled.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial show got the axe after disappointing ratings a second week in a row.  Several advertisers pulled spots after a proposed boycott from the Parents Television Council on grounds the show is “degrading and sexualizing.”

Um. . . derrr.  It’s a show.  On American television.  About Playboy.  Do we really need a boycott for a show that pretty much everyone knows is going to have a lot of the smexing? Is this to protect the kids?  I know plenty of kids.  They are too busy watching their own shows to give a crap what’s on their parents’ TV.

I digress.  The point of this post was to talk about the void for a show about the swingin’ 60s that was left by The Playboy Club.  I mean, we have the genius that is AMC’s Mad Men, and the cigarette-free twilight zone that ABC has created with their 60s-era drama Pan Am.  But I just think we need one more show about the 1960s!

I know I sound harsh.  Truth is, I liked the show.  But I’m a sucker for sharp tailoring, thick eyeliner, and a Tina Turner impersonator.  I will watch practically anything set in the 60s (and the 40s).  I just wish this show had been on cable.  Part of the drama of that time was the sexual tension, race issues, and gender issues.  I’m not sure a network TV show can handle all that controversy. . . and not get run out of town.

"Can I stay at your place? I'm sorta. . . in between jobs right now. . ."

I’m especially bummed for Laura Benanti, the gorgeous actress who plays Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne.  She is a fierce betch and made the show fun to watch.  I really hope this gorgeous Broadway vet gets another job on the TV.  Maybe she and the other bunnies could catch a Pan Am flight and start new careers! ; )

What do you think?  Did NBC cancel The Playboy Club too soon?  Which network show is next?  And what are kids these days watching?  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx


My December (or Why I Didn’t Write)

You know, I started this blog over a year ago to discuss many things, but also to document my crazy life.  But that’s the thing with having a crazy life:  sometimes it’s too crazy to write about!  Don’t believe me?  Well, I’ll tell you about the  other things I’ve been doing that have made me too busy to write this month.  (Excuses, excuses. . .)

So, I didn’t write because. . .

“I was reconnecting with friends at the theatre.”

My friend, the beautiful Erin Wegner Brooks is currently on tour with the musical Young Frankenstein, and they came through Orlando December 1st.  Some friends and I got together to watch her, and even got a backstage tour afterward!

Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas reunion: Iriann, Me, Erin, and Tyler

“I was trying to get on TV.”

Photo courtesy Andre D. Brown

Ever year, Disney films performances for its Christmas Day parade just a little bit in advance.  So, early this month, I joined the Encore! Cast Choir to sing with America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho.  Did you see me Christmas Day?  Yeah.  I thought not.

“I was helping plan an epic party.”

Work hard, play hard, right?  That’s what I like to think.  So, last year when my friend Terennce had the amazing idea to throw a dance party for other Entertainment peeps, I was definitely on board.  The 2009 party was such a good time, we decided to do it again this year.  Expectations were way high for us, but I think we pulled it off.

Party planning committee: Me, Alex, and Terennce

The best part?  We had a surprise guest!  My old buddy Bruno Mars was in town for a show at House of Blues, and he came with a friend of ours to check out our happenin’ fiesta.  I was wearing monster heels, so I took the prize opportunity to make him feel like a major shorty- which I hadn’t been able to do in YEARS.

Me: "Way to ruin our reunion photo, nerd." Him: "That's what you get!"

Jingle Ball 2010 was definitely a highlight of my December.  But there’s more!

“I was hanging out with my family.”

Mom, Dad, and Little Sis’ flew in from Hawaii to hang out in the theme parks.  Which were absolute INSANITY this time of year.  I spent a week hopping from park to park- in between working!  I also finally got to go into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a guest (I’m busy!) and go through the queue line for the Forbidden Journey ride.  It was the business!

Hoping I get sorted into Slytherin by the Sorting Hat.

So, can’t you see how many other things were going on?  Isn’t it completely plausible that I might have taken a quick break?  Oh. . . who am I kidding?  I was just being lazy most of the time!  I promise to do better in the coming year.  Hopefully, I’ll have more amazing experiences to share with you.  2011, Here I come!

Happy New Year, everyone!  How was your 2010?  Will you be making any resolutions for 2011?  Let me know in the comments.  Have a safe NYE!

Merry Christmas!

A mother plays the guitar while her two daught...

I have no idea why, but this image was recommended by WordPress for this post. Um. . . OK?

I hope you’re all enjoying family and friends today.  I’ll be vegging out with my fam (they’re visiting from Hawaii this week!) as we recuperate from Theme Park Madness.  I’ve spent more time walking around Disney and Universal this week than I have maybe in all my 3 years in Florida.  (Help me, please!)

While I know it’s not Thanksgiving, I’d still like to list a few things I’m thankful for on this Christmas day.  Bear with me, because this might get a little corny.  Ahem.  Here goes:

1.  Family- mine is driving me crazy, but I’m so glad they’re here to do it.

2.  Cold weather-  something about it makes it feel more like Christmas.  Being from Hawaii, I feel like I never really got into the spirit of the holiday until I could bundle up and drink hot cider.

3.  Wine-  helps with aforementioned family insanity, and just makes celebrating a baby’s birthday waaay more fun.

4.  Friends-  I’m just gonna go all out and say that I have the best ones.  Ever.

And finally,

5.  This blog-  I’m so glad I have a tiny spot on the interwebs to reach out to you.  It has made all the difference this year to have an outlet, and I’ve had an amazing time.

What are you thankful for on Christmas (not Thanksgiving)?  Also, do you know how on earth all those other bloggers manage to post AND have productive lives during the holidays?!  I still haven’t figured that out, so I’ve been silent the last week or two.  Not to worry, I will be throwing more craziness at you soon. xoxo

Music Monday: Duffy

She’s baack!  Welsh Blue-Eyed Soul vixen Duffy has released a couple of singles from her upcoming album, Endlessly.  The album is her second and represents a fresh start with exciting new collaborations, including Albert Hammond.

The debut single, “Well, Well, Well,” is a funky denial of bad behavior featuring a rhythm section by The Roots.  Once this song grew on me, I found myself humming it at all times throughout the day.  I love it.

Duffy also brings it with the title track, an acoustic gem that channels the same soul that made Rockferry so powerful.  This song is so gonna be my winter ballad- the perfect tune for cuddling up or sipping wine and watching the fire (if it ever gets cold enough for that here in Florida).

Lastly, I think “Hard for the Heart” is really pretty, too.  It’s also got just enough of that swinging ’60s feel that Duffy does well, but never gets too kitschy like many of the other tracks on this album.

Until Endlessly comes out next month, enjoy the video for “Well, Well, Well,” and try to ignore Duffy’s dancing (sorry girl- it’s not cute!):

Endlessly comes out on iTunes December 7th.  Pre-order it today!

Pish Posh: All Things British

I didn’t do a Music Monday this week.  Why?  Because I’ve been crazy busy, my car is sick (get better Bernadette Peters!  I need you to make money!), and there are very important things going on in the world.

Photo from

Speaking of which, this has been a very British week- for me at least.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Part 1 of the seventh installment, The Deathly Hallows.  My friends and I are seriously stoked, and I’m getting my plans together for the premiere.  Now that the Wizarding World is open, this movie has even more significance to me.  Plus, during the park’s Grand Opening I actually got to see the stars in person from really far away ,so it’ll be like I’m watching my BFFs.  WIN.

Speaking of win, yesterday I had the opportunity to perform as a member of the Hogwarts family at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo.  I’ve wanted to do something with IAAPA for a while, ’cause it’s like a huge carnival of fun theme park stuff.  Parks from all over the world showcase their best in entertainment and attractions.  It was a fun time- especially because I got to see Dolly Parton in person!  She was there to accept Dollywood‘s  Applause Award, which honors a park whose operations have inspired the industry.  It was such a nice surprise to have such a legend in the room.

Finally, yesterday news broke of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton.  Let the wedding-bonanza begin!  I love a good wedding spectacle, so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  So far, her ring (which was Diana’s engagement ring!) is amazing, and the ceremony at Westminster Abbey is sure to kill!  Gah!

But, um, is it just me or is Wills a closet fan of The Hills?

Kate Middleton, lucky stiff. Photo credit:

Lauren Conrad, always a bridesmaid. Photo credit:

Cheerio, mates!  I’m going to have a spot of tea and watch some telly and. . . uh. . .  try to stop talking like this!

Too Big to Ride?

"Whoa! Check out that butterbeer gut. . ."

Universal is making some adjustments to the seating on its “Forbidden Journey” ride at the WWoHP theme park. Apparently, the ride has received criticism from overweight guests and ride critics for being a little too cozy for comfort.  To date, they’ve only tweaked a couple of the ride cars, but a full overhaul is reportedly taking place.

Btw, there’s a sample chair right outside of the queue for the ride.  This way, if you’re too big to fit, at least you don’t have to find out after waiting in line for eternity.  This story is kind of scary.  Like, how big are we as people that they have to overhaul the ride seats just to fit us all?  Note to self:  no more butterbeer!  Yikes!

Thanks to Orlando Attractions Magazine for posting this story!

Have you taken the Forbidden Journey yet?  Did you think the seats were too small, or are these changes unnecessary?

I Heart Harry

Did you know that I love Harry Potter?  You would if you’d read this post.  I do.  I like the movies, the books, the stars, the theme park.  I can’t wait to be here during the Holiday season.  It will be amazing and I’ll probably fangirl out.  Hard.

In honor of that love, here are a couple of funny/awesome things I found recently about the wonderful world of Potter.

A couple of weeks ago I was on Post Secret and I saw this submission.  If you’ve been in a coma If you don’t know, Post Secret is a site where people submit postcards with. . . um secrets on them.  Anonymously.  It’s sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, always entertaining.  Anywho, here’s the good stuff:

Next up, a wondrous piece of art from Regretsy.

It totes looks like Lance Bass.  He must be pissed.

More HP fun after the jump! Continue reading

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