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Humility: It’s What’s For Dinner

Whoopi Goldberg, during dress rehearsal at Com...

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I love Whoopi Goldberg.  When I was three or four, I saw a clip of her pretending to be a little girl who wore a pillowcase on her head because she wanted “long, luxurious blond hair.”  I would crack my mom up by walking around the house wearing a pillowcase on my head because I wanted long hair, too.

I watch “The Color Purple” at least once a year (usually two or three times), and watching either “Sister Act” movie is probably really annoying with me because I say all of the lines aloud.

My mom likes Whoopi Goldberg, too.  Growing up, we had a huge “Ghost” movie poster at the top of the stairs in my house (along with a “Five Heartbeats” poster for some odd reason).

Why am I telling you these (mostly embarrassing) tidbits?  Because I want you to know that what I’m about to say in this post comes from a place of loveWhoopi, you lost your mind last week.  I’m  glad you got it back, though.

Lemme back up real quick.  Last Monday on “The View,”  Ms. Goldberg lost her shiz over a New York Times article that she claimed left her off a comprehensive list of black Oscar winners.  She lashed out at the paper, calling the piece “sloppy” and “shoddy.”  Check it out below (she seriously goes on for, like, five minutes.  Sorry about the title of the video- I couldn’t find another one!):

I love the part when she brings out her Oscar!  That’ll teach those haters over at the NYT to forget Whoopi!  Burn!  Or, it would have been.  If the NYT had actually effed up.

In fact, the article never claimed to list all black Oscar winners.  It was a critique of the lack of black stars in Oscar nominated roles this year.  Even worse, many of the films released in 2010 had no black characters in them at all.  This is actually a really important issue that should be discussed.  Instead, we were all talking about Whoopi Goldberg.

I get it.  Whoopi is a cultural icon, and if the NYT had left her off a comprehensive list, she’s got a right to be pissed.  But they didn’t, and when she realized she was wrong, she took two days to apologize (and even then it was kinda raggedy).  I’m sorry, but getting an Oscar doesn’t mean you get to throw hissy fits whenever you want.*  Maybe if she hadn’t been so caught up in needing to be mentioned, she would have read the article correctly.

I guess I just feel like a lot of artists let their egos get in the way of reality.  What we do is so important, but inflating oneself somehow takes away from the artistry of it, and makes it a game.  Winning an Oscar is a big deal.  I just wish that  Whoopi had acted more like an Oscar winner, and less like a sore loser.

*Okay, fine.  Maybe it does.  But the rest of us don’t have to like it.

Thoughts??  How do you feel about Whoopi?  Do you agree with the NYT article?  Do you love the movie “Clara’s Heart” as much as I do?  And can I play somebody if they make a “Color Purple 2?!”



This was on PostSecret this morning, and I’m like, “Whoa!”  I hope it’s one of the Weasley twins.  Hahah!

Written on back: The world thinks you're perfect but our daughter deserves better

No, but seriously- that is kinda crazy to write in to PostSecret, no?  Hopefully this mom can get it together and let homeboy know he has a kid (if it’s true).  Sigh.  I wonder if the daughter has any special powers. . .?

Do you have a secret?  Good for you!  Don’t tell me what it is. . . but DO tell me what you thought of this post in the comments.  Have a great day!

Have You Seen HP 7 Yet?


I still haven’t, because my car, Bernadette Peters, has been ill.  Hopefully she’s all better and I can do fun things again.  In the meantime, until I see the movie, this will have to tide me over:


Happy Saturday, everyone!

I’ve Got Good News. . . And Bad News. . .

Glee cast version single cover.

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I’ll start with the good news first, ‘kay?  That way, after I break the bad news to you, we can cuddle and talk it over.  Shh. . . just go with it.

Hooray!  Bruno Mars’ and Travie McCoy’s song “Billionaire” was featured on the season premiere of Glee!  New kid in town Sam, after being discovered singing in the shower, jams out with the glee club boys in an understated version of the song.  Not that the song hasn’t been played to death already, but Glee songs definitely get a mayjah boost in iTunes downloads.

PS did anyone else die when Cheyenne Jackson showed up as the new director of rival choir Vocal Adrenaline?  Squee!

Wah wah waaaaaah.  Now for the bad news.  According to TMZ online, Bruno was busted in

"Always tip bathroom attendants."

Las Vegas over the weekend with cocaine.  Local police caught up with him in a bathroom stall at the Hard Rock after a bathroom attendant tipped them off.  According to police, he handed over a bag of “white powder” (which later tested positive as cocaine) when asked to and admitted that he had acted foolishly and had “never done drugs before.”

Um. . . yeah.  I have a lot of thoughts about this story.  First of all, who wants to bet that bathroom attendant got the axe- Marie Antoinette style?  He really took that saying, “See Something, Say Something” to heart, okaaaaaaay?! I mean, he did the right thing for sure, but Vegas hotels can’t be shuttin’ down the parties if they want stars to come around.  You know I’m right.

Second, WHY OH WHY?!  Groan.  If you’ve been around the last month, you know that Bruno and I know each other. This story really hurts my heart, kids.  I hate to see this kind of trouble come to him, especially if it’s some kind of misunderstanding. And if it’s not, well that sucks, too.

Is it just me, or is everyone on drugs?  I feel like every time I turn around, another celeb is getting busted with the booger sugar- or some other wacky substance.  I know that we’re more likely to hear about stars getting caught up in the law because of our collective celebrity- obsession, but seriously- everyone is on freaking drugs.  Or anorexic.  Or both.  What gives?!

Of course, I’m reserving judgment on this one until all is said and done.  It’s just shocking, right here and now.  I’m gonna need this to get resolved for better or for worse, so that Bruno can continue to do great things, and not fall into Scary Lohan territory.

So, what do you think of this story?  Is everyone in Hollywood high?  Why do celebrity and the high-life seem to go hand in hand?

HP: The 13 Worst Movie Taglines Ever

Check out this list from The Huffington Post.  These are some of the most befuddling, ridiculous, and hilarious movie taglines ever. 

Why would you spend millions making a movie just to screw it all up in the advertising?!  Epic FAIL.

Another Late Night Battle Brewing?

Conan O’Brien rejected NBC’s proposal today to move his “Tonight Show” to the 12:05am slot after “The Jay Leno Show.”  After much speculation and joking on both of their shows, Conan released a statement today- Tuesday- to address the drama between him and Jay Leno.  In it, he raises a couple of really good points- namely that it’s only been seven months since he inherited “The Tonight Show,” and that the success of his show somewhat depends on a successful nightly Prime Time lineup.

Click on the link above to read the full statement.  Watch Conan address the rumors:

What do you think?  Should Conan have stepped aside?  Or, does NBC need to step up?

What In The?????

Wow.  Has anyone else seen the rap video the Heene boys (including our beloved Balloon Boy) made?  This prime example of good parenting features all of the boys cursing, hitting each other, and has one boy dressed as Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.  See it below, and be amazed. . .

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