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Music Monday: SAXOPHONE!

The Big Man and The Boss

With the death of Clarence Clemons, the saxophone has been on my mind a lot this week.  The iconic E Street Band member (AKA “The Big Man”) suffered a stroke last week and passed away at the age of 69.

This is especially sad because I feel like the sax is having a moment in music right now.  Seems like every time I turn on my radio, there’s a pop song with an epic sax solo.  It’s taking me straight back to the ’80s.  Is anyone else noticing this?

Take Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” video.  Aside from the general channeling of ’80s Madonna, there is this amazeboats saxophone solo that really brings it home.  Somebody bring me a street sprayer quick!  I need to recreate this video:

And, despite the many holes in the plot of this video (are they in the ’80s? If so, why are there laptops and DDR? If she got a makeover, why was she back in her nerd clothes?  Yes, I think about these things), Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (TGIF” video is a masterful homage to the ’80s.  Complete with a Kenny G cameo! Regard:

That video is real serious.  Last but not least, there is this prank featuring the sexy sax man, Sergio Flores which blew up this spring:

“He’s playing to a baby right now!”

So folks, tell me, is it just me? Is the saxophone everywhere this year?  RIP Clarence Clemons.  Make the most of your day, everyone! xx


Look At These Hipsters

The other day I was having what I like to call a “web trip.”  Basically it’s where I start out Googling a certain topic, intending to find out some specific information, then I look up from my computer and it’s four hours later and I’m stuck looking at something completely unrelated to my starting point.  Because of my previously stated Internet Addiction, this happens to me roughly. . . every night.

The downside of this is that I Stumble Upon some crazy shiz that freaks me out, also that I rarely go to bed at a decent hour or enjoy a proper dinner.  The upside of this is that I find funny stuff to post here!  So let’s just concentrate on the upside, umkay?

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that hipsters are out of control. Did you know that the insanity has spread to the world of Disney animation?  Oh you did? OK well whatever.  It’s my blog and Imma post some Hipster Disney stuff.  Enjoy!

The merm’ that started it all:  Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel


This is amazeballs.  Remember that part in the movie?  Who knew Ariel was so ahead of the mainstream?  Also, there’s this photo of Traci Hines, a real-life Hipster Ariel:

Photo: Traci Hines

Apparently this is called Cosplay, or “costume play” and is an actual thing where people dress up like Anime and cartoon characters IRL.  Please feel free to not educate me on this if you’re into it and know all about it.  What the eff?!

Here are some other cute ones (all are from Hell Yes Hipster Disney!)

I could go on forever, but you’ve all got lives to lead.  Check out the hipster Disney site.

And, if you’re in Orlando and in the mood to watch talented ladies stick it to The Mouse in real life, check out “Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom” at the Orlando Fringe Festival.  It’s running ’til Saturday- and it’s so good!  Have a great day everyone! xx

. . . Aaaaaaaand That’s Why I Sing.

Check out these funny (German?) ads for job placement.  The tag is “Life’s too short for the wrong job,”  and features life-like shots of poor suckers stuck on the sides of vending machines and gas station pumps.  I’m guessing they’re from late last year sometime.  They are brilliant.

Seriously, these are making my day!  I spent a few years of my life working just to work, and sometimes hating every minute of it.  Now that I’m not in that place anymore, I hope I never have to go back.  I mean, I don’t doubt that I’ll have to wait tables at some point while auditioning, but to get up and go to a job I hate for no reason?  No thanks.

You don’t have to, either.  With the economy the way it is, people will tell you that any job is a job.  That’s true, but I’ve been reading a lot about people who got laid off, then discovered their true passion.  Even if that means they aren’t making as much as they used to.  I’m hopeful that I can live my passion for as long as I want to.  I hope the same for you.

Click to enlarge the photos above, and Google for more funny pics.  Have a great day, folks!

This Woman Is Utterly Ridiculous

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Seriously.  Please smack me if I ever walk around with my hands like that.  She’s like Will Ferrell in “Taladega Nights.”  She doesn’t know what to do with her hands!

If Only It Were That Easy

Clear signage, please.

I’ve had the following conversation several times:

Non-performer:  What do you do?

Me:  I’m a singer/actor

NP:  No, I mean for money?

Me:  That’s what I do.  I get paid for it.

NP:  Are you gonna be on Broadway?

Me:  I sure hope so.

NP:  When?  What are you gonna be in?  You should be in Once on This Island! (Or Footloose or The Wiz or some other thing that isn’t on Broadway anymore. . .)

Me:  *Facepalm*  Not sure, but thanks for the vote of confidence.  That show’s not on Broadway anymore, but maybe one day. . .

Groan.  Am I alone here?  For some reason, when I tell people that I’m a performer, they think I’m lying.  Then they immediately ask me how I make money- like the two things are mutually exclusive.  News flash! Those folks performing in bars and in theme parks and in hotels aren’t there for the free food.  We get paid!  Sometimes pretty well!

More importantly, we get to have fun.  Everyday.  With other performers who are having fun.  So, while we may not be on a straight path to financial freedom, we still win at life.  Because we’re living it.  Doing what we love.  OK.  While I try to figure out how to get off this soapbox without hurting myself, watch this super-accurate cartoon:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Feel free to share your stories in the comments!

Loosen Up Your Belt Straps!

Mama Likes! (Screen cap from Food Network)

Last week my roomies and I were at the gym, working on our fitness at the ellipticals.  You know, the super-fancy-pants ones with the TVs and cable?  I decided to pop on the Food Network (why?  because I’m a masochist!  Yay!), and who was on but Butter Baby herself, Paula Deen.

Of course, as soon as he saw that I was watching Paula Deen’s Home Cooking, my roomie turned his screen to it, too.  It went something like this:

PD:  Welcome to the show, y’all!  Today I’m usin’ my favorite food- POTATOES!  And do y’all know what my two favorite things to slap up on potatoes are?

Roomie:  Mayonaise!

Me:  Butter!

PD:  Mayonaise and Butter!

And then we proceeded to sweat while watching her make the grossest, greasiest, yummiest potato dishes.  Ever.  For the love of God, why can’t I turn away?  I saw her put butter in a drink once- and I watched the whole episode.  Bleh!  Delicious!  I can’t decide how I feel about her.

Who am I kidding?  I love her, and I love all her crazy.  Here’s a tribute SNL did starring Kristen Wiig.  It has a couple of really funny moments- but mostly just captures some of Paula’s crazy:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I need some of those bad boys!  ‘Till I get my hands on some, I’ll be daydreaming of butter baths during my workouts.  Thanks for reading, and please *LIKE* this post if you liked it! xoxo

Have You Seen HP 7 Yet?


I still haven’t, because my car, Bernadette Peters, has been ill.  Hopefully she’s all better and I can do fun things again.  In the meantime, until I see the movie, this will have to tide me over:


Happy Saturday, everyone!

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