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BTW I *Really* Like Animal Print

Erin Wasson and a fierce cheetah, Harper's Bazaar 2005

That’s all. There is really no other point to this post other than to come out of the closet as an animal print freak. I thought I had it under control, but last week I signed up on Pinterest, and now I’m afraid I’ll need serious help.

Do you know about Pinterest? It’s a new site that serves as a “virtual pinboard” and lets you organize and share all the amazeballs things you like on the web. It’s crazy. It’s addictive. It’s exclusive. You have to be invited or wait forever for the Pinterest crew to approve your request to join. After asking around, I scored an invite from a girlfriend and signed up last week. Since joining, I’ve probably spent an hour each night pinning and repinning stuff onto my “boards” (how each category is organized). I really act like I don’t have songs to learn and things to do in the morning! Jeez.

Anywho, no one that knows me IRL is at all surprised, but the first board I made was dedicated to animal print. I’m throwing in all the fashion, crafts, and art I find that has the stuff. Mostly leopard, but I love a good zebra or giraffe print, too. No cow or fish scales, my love of animal prints is strictly Safari. Check out some of my finds:

Animal Magnetism in fashion, accessories, and around the house.

I normally don’t like giraffe print bags, but this one is so bright and fun. It would make a great diaper bag or kid’s backpack:

Found on

Check out this bow tie! I wish that The Boyfriend would wear this, but he would rather do just about anything else, I’m sure. I’m going to start wearing bow ties just for this:

Photo credit:

I won’t post everything I’ve found here. It would take too long and the list is ever-expanding, but I hope you’ve seen something that makes you understand my love of animal prints. And if you’re afflicted, I’m sorry if I pulled you off the wagon. ; )

Do any of you use Pinterest? Leave your info in the comments and I’ll check out your boards. (@hezaire) if you want to follow me. I’m glad you stopped by today. Have a good one! xx


Stuff I Made: DIY T-Shirt Scarf/ Necklace

Photo credit:

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, More Design Please, when I happened upon this cute DIY project.  It’s completely No-Sew, and once I got the hang of it, took about ten seven minutes to finish.  I love DIY clothing, but am sometimes daunted by labor-intensive projects.  I also really loves scarves.  I did a quick inventory and I have around 20 in heavy rotation.  If you’re at all like me, this might be right up your alley!

Before you click the link for directions, just know that all you’ll need for this project is a T-shirt and scissors.  I made a couple of different ones with various t-shirt sizes.  I’d recommend a big shirt because you can get a larger scarf out of it.  Here are some photos of my project:

The Process

The Finished Product

I made another  color, too:

Now that we’re finally getting some fall weather here in Florida, these scarves will get lots of exposure!  Have fun trying this DIY project!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx

A Look At April Cover Stars

So, I had such a good time putting together the last magazine cover post, I thought I’d give it another go for spring!  This is my favorite time for covers because there’s so much color and skin after the dark winter months.  Here’s a gander at some of my favorites -and some that made me say, “What?!  WHY?!”

Zooey Deschanel on Lucky:

I love this!  Zooey Deschanel is, like, the perfect indie ingenue here (and everywhere), and I’m living for her dress.  I wish I could pull off cutie-pie looks like this.

Kate Winslet on UK Vogue:

She is channeling Brigitte Nielsen with that platinum cropped ‘do.  The newly single mom looks better than ever.

Gucci Mane on The Source:

I saw this at the store and was like, “Is that an ice cream cone on his face?”  I’m still not sure (I found out the other day that I need glasses).  Amazing!

Britney Spears and Madonna on Out:

Rumor has it that the folks over at Out Magazine didn’t trust Brit Brit to sell enough magazines, so they brought out The Queen to ensure a hot issue.  I’m not sure that’s true, but I’m happy that we get these two ferosh covers.  I forgot how beautiful young Madonna was.  Le Sigh.

Rihanna on Vogue:

Art History 101:  I’m not a fan of RiRi’s “Bobo the Clown” orange locks, but this photo is gorge McGeorge.  Anyone else seeing Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” up in here?  Get that woman a big ass seashell, STAT.

Edward Cull- er, I mean Robert Pattinson on Vanity Fair:

Why, Rob, why?  Ugh.  Is that a belt in your jeans?  What are you, 50?!  Why are your fingernails so long?  Don’t tell me it’s for the guitar.  They make picks for that.  And isn’t your movie, Water for Elephants, about an . . . elephant?  Wtf’s up with the ‘gator?  An elephant is probably too literal.  Whatever.  I’ll just look into your eyes and block it all out. . .

Join me, won’t you, in snagging some of these bad boys before they leave newsstands?  We can discuss what in the world is on Gucci Mane’s face.  Hope you’re all having a great “Hump Day!”  xx

Collabo: Jay-Z and Kanye West

Note:  This should probably have been a MM post, but I’m sharing it today ’cause I wanted to get it out there before next Monday. . . AND because I didn’t do anything for this past Monday.  I was too busy watching the Lifetime Original movie “Revenge of the Bridesmaids.”  Seriously.

I’m so fired from music blogging.  I really didn’t know that Hov and Kanye were working on an album together!  Probably because I stopped paying attention to Ye after he wore this heinous outfit during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

"What?! They were having a sale at Forever XXI!"

Their new project, “Watch The Throne” was originally slated as just an EP, but is now a full-length extravaganza.  Their new single, “H.A.M.” dropped via the interwebs at midnight January 11th.  You can listen to it on their Facebook page (because I am too lazy/ clueless to post it here).  Give it a spin click and share your thoughts in the comments.

Did you listen?  Thoughts?  Shouldn’t the song be called “H.A.A.M?”  Have a great day all!

The Stars Align For December Covers

I’ve often said that magazines are like little books.  So, when people ask me what I’m reading, I usually say, “Vogue,” with a straight face.  But, honestly, now that I’m actively working on my reading list, I haven’t paid much attention to my ‘zines.  Until this month.  Have you noticed that there are some gorgeous covers on newsstands lately?  Gasp.  Here’s a look at some of my favorites.

Rihanna on Interview:

That hair is really growing on me.  The flowers, that one big earrring. . . loves it.

Ke$ha on Complex:

I like this because she doesn’t look a complete hot mess (like she’s prone to), and the roller skates are hot.  I’m gonna need those under my tree this month!  And I don’t even roller skate. . . it’s a long, embarrassing story.

Kerry Washington on LA Times Magazine:

Um, Kerry?  The year 2050 called.  They want their FEROCITY back!  I die for this.

Ryan Gosling on New York Magazine:

I have no idea what’s going on here, but I’m OK with it.  I mean, it kind of looks like he got in a fight.  I’m going to pretend that fight was for my affections.  Yup.

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Get Your Booty Up, Show Me How You. . .


Source:, Screen Gems

Gah!  So I saw the spectacle that was “Burlesque” last night.  This new film, starring The Jigsaw Killer Cher and Christina Aguilera tells the story of a small-town screamer who moves to L.A. and earns a top spot in a Neo-Burlesque show.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous premise, and I had no expectations going into the theater.  In the same vein as Center Stage, Coyote Ugly, Chicago, etc., the cheese was really melty, but I had a lot of fun.  The musical numbers were ferocity- mostly because of Robin Antin’s hot choreography (she created the Pussycat Dolls, so duh.) and Michael Kaplan’s fierce costumes. Seriously, I died for “Show Me How You Burlesque.”  I will be dancing around to that in my room for days!

I see no difference here.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that you should see this movie.  It’s really fun, the Guy From Twilight is hot in it, and Xtina sings her face off.  I mean, if you liked any of the other movies I mentioned above, Burlesque is right up your alley.  Do it!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  I’m so thankful for my family and friends, and for YOU for reading!  Stuff your face, and enjoy the day!

Photo Credits:  Jigsaw:, Cher:

Living For: The Cage Veil!


Is there anything more classic than a fierce betch in a cage veil?  Something about a partially hidden face is just. . . sigh.  A girl instantly looks more intriguing and ladylike.  I feel like it perfectly articulates my obsession with all things vintage:  mystery, delicate details, sparkle, etc.   I’m smitten.  And the new versions of this timeless classic (also called a Fascinator) are soooo cute.

One of my good friends got married this weekend and -surprise!- she wore a cage veil.  It was marvelous.  She said she bought it on, and it was customized with a beautiful crystal clip that looked like baby’s breath flowers:


I even applied my- ahem- fascination to Halloween this year.  Check out this top hat with veil:

I used it as a part of all of my costumes this year:  Vampire Bride, Lion Tamer, Classic Broadway Dancer.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to find a way to wear it for the rest of the year.  “What?  You wanna go to the movies?  Lemme just grab my sparkly top hat with veil.  The person sitting behind me in the theater will have to get over it. . .” Yeah.  That is happening.  Soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be on the prowl for some additions to my cage veil collection, and trying to become a grown-up lady who can pull off a fabulous cage veil!

Hope all of you had a happy Halloweekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

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