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Look At These Hipsters

The other day I was having what I like to call a “web trip.”  Basically it’s where I start out Googling a certain topic, intending to find out some specific information, then I look up from my computer and it’s four hours later and I’m stuck looking at something completely unrelated to my starting point.  Because of my previously stated Internet Addiction, this happens to me roughly. . . every night.

The downside of this is that I Stumble Upon some crazy shiz that freaks me out, also that I rarely go to bed at a decent hour or enjoy a proper dinner.  The upside of this is that I find funny stuff to post here!  So let’s just concentrate on the upside, umkay?

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that hipsters are out of control. Did you know that the insanity has spread to the world of Disney animation?  Oh you did? OK well whatever.  It’s my blog and Imma post some Hipster Disney stuff.  Enjoy!

The merm’ that started it all:  Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel


This is amazeballs.  Remember that part in the movie?  Who knew Ariel was so ahead of the mainstream?  Also, there’s this photo of Traci Hines, a real-life Hipster Ariel:

Photo: Traci Hines

Apparently this is called Cosplay, or “costume play” and is an actual thing where people dress up like Anime and cartoon characters IRL.  Please feel free to not educate me on this if you’re into it and know all about it.  What the eff?!

Here are some other cute ones (all are from Hell Yes Hipster Disney!)

I could go on forever, but you’ve all got lives to lead.  Check out the hipster Disney site.

And, if you’re in Orlando and in the mood to watch talented ladies stick it to The Mouse in real life, check out “Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom” at the Orlando Fringe Festival.  It’s running ’til Saturday- and it’s so good!  Have a great day everyone! xx


Lost in the Stars

The City Center’s second Encores! production of the season, “Lost in the Stars,” is a musical based on the Alan Paton novel Cry, The Beloved Country. The show centers around a South African family during apartheid. I’ve never seen the show, and it’s not often performed, but I did a bit of research, and it sounds amazeballs! Really deep and dramatical.

Check out this clip of the cast of ” Lost in the Stars” in rehearsal. Side note, my girl and former fellow Disney diva Lindsay Roberts is in the ensemble. Check her out back there in the yellow sweater. Don’t blink or you will miss her amazingness.

“Lost in the Stars” runs February 3-6 at the City Center. Go to for tickets!

Side note: this is the first time I’m posting using WordPress’ nifty iPhone app! Ain’t technology grand?!

My December (or Why I Didn’t Write)

You know, I started this blog over a year ago to discuss many things, but also to document my crazy life.  But that’s the thing with having a crazy life:  sometimes it’s too crazy to write about!  Don’t believe me?  Well, I’ll tell you about the  other things I’ve been doing that have made me too busy to write this month.  (Excuses, excuses. . .)

So, I didn’t write because. . .

“I was reconnecting with friends at the theatre.”

My friend, the beautiful Erin Wegner Brooks is currently on tour with the musical Young Frankenstein, and they came through Orlando December 1st.  Some friends and I got together to watch her, and even got a backstage tour afterward!

Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas reunion: Iriann, Me, Erin, and Tyler

“I was trying to get on TV.”

Photo courtesy Andre D. Brown

Ever year, Disney films performances for its Christmas Day parade just a little bit in advance.  So, early this month, I joined the Encore! Cast Choir to sing with America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho.  Did you see me Christmas Day?  Yeah.  I thought not.

“I was helping plan an epic party.”

Work hard, play hard, right?  That’s what I like to think.  So, last year when my friend Terennce had the amazing idea to throw a dance party for other Entertainment peeps, I was definitely on board.  The 2009 party was such a good time, we decided to do it again this year.  Expectations were way high for us, but I think we pulled it off.

Party planning committee: Me, Alex, and Terennce

The best part?  We had a surprise guest!  My old buddy Bruno Mars was in town for a show at House of Blues, and he came with a friend of ours to check out our happenin’ fiesta.  I was wearing monster heels, so I took the prize opportunity to make him feel like a major shorty- which I hadn’t been able to do in YEARS.

Me: "Way to ruin our reunion photo, nerd." Him: "That's what you get!"

Jingle Ball 2010 was definitely a highlight of my December.  But there’s more!

“I was hanging out with my family.”

Mom, Dad, and Little Sis’ flew in from Hawaii to hang out in the theme parks.  Which were absolute INSANITY this time of year.  I spent a week hopping from park to park- in between working!  I also finally got to go into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as a guest (I’m busy!) and go through the queue line for the Forbidden Journey ride.  It was the business!

Hoping I get sorted into Slytherin by the Sorting Hat.

So, can’t you see how many other things were going on?  Isn’t it completely plausible that I might have taken a quick break?  Oh. . . who am I kidding?  I was just being lazy most of the time!  I promise to do better in the coming year.  Hopefully, I’ll have more amazing experiences to share with you.  2011, Here I come!

Happy New Year, everyone!  How was your 2010?  Will you be making any resolutions for 2011?  Let me know in the comments.  Have a safe NYE!

Merry Christmas!

A mother plays the guitar while her two daught...

I have no idea why, but this image was recommended by WordPress for this post. Um. . . OK?

I hope you’re all enjoying family and friends today.  I’ll be vegging out with my fam (they’re visiting from Hawaii this week!) as we recuperate from Theme Park Madness.  I’ve spent more time walking around Disney and Universal this week than I have maybe in all my 3 years in Florida.  (Help me, please!)

While I know it’s not Thanksgiving, I’d still like to list a few things I’m thankful for on this Christmas day.  Bear with me, because this might get a little corny.  Ahem.  Here goes:

1.  Family- mine is driving me crazy, but I’m so glad they’re here to do it.

2.  Cold weather-  something about it makes it feel more like Christmas.  Being from Hawaii, I feel like I never really got into the spirit of the holiday until I could bundle up and drink hot cider.

3.  Wine-  helps with aforementioned family insanity, and just makes celebrating a baby’s birthday waaay more fun.

4.  Friends-  I’m just gonna go all out and say that I have the best ones.  Ever.

And finally,

5.  This blog-  I’m so glad I have a tiny spot on the interwebs to reach out to you.  It has made all the difference this year to have an outlet, and I’ve had an amazing time.

What are you thankful for on Christmas (not Thanksgiving)?  Also, do you know how on earth all those other bloggers manage to post AND have productive lives during the holidays?!  I still haven’t figured that out, so I’ve been silent the last week or two.  Not to worry, I will be throwing more craziness at you soon. xoxo

When Does This Come Out?!

Gotta love the Facebook.  Thanks to some Disney-obsessed friends I discovered this cute little video that was actually filmed in The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios here in Orlando.  Apparently it was manager-approved.  I can’t believe they let them make this, cause sometimes the Mouse can be a bit Nazi when it comes to the trade secrets.

If you don’t know, The Great Movie Ride is a classic attraction that puts you “inside” classic movies.  Guests ride in a car through some famous movie scenes, and get hijacked by characters from the movies along the way.  Hilarity ensues- usually because of run-down animatronics  and poorly delivered lines by the “tour guide” running their car.  I seriously love this thing.  Sometimes when I’m having a bad day and feel like I’m crap as an actor, I hop on it. . . and feel way better about myself.

In any case, below is the video, a trailer for a fake movie called “Night at the Great Movie Ride.”  It combines all my favorite things about TGMR- bad acting, wicked witches, overracting, bad effects, and, um . . . bad acting.

Seriously, when does this movie come out?  I will totally watch it.  And why the eff can’t it ever be like that when my family and I get on TGMR?  All we get is this:


New Show: Pair of Kings

There’s a new show about to premiere on Disney XD. I have no idea what Disney XD is, but I’m going to watch this little sitcom, because my future baby daddy talented singer/actor Geno Segers is starring in it.  According to Wikipedia, the show’s about a pair of fraternal twins (one black, one white) who find out that they’re royalty on some tiny island.  Geno plays the Royal Secretary to the throne of the island.

I know.  This is a ridiculous-sounding program.  You’re probably thinking, “But I’m an adult.  A sane, rational adult.  Why the eff would I watch this?”  Because of Geno.

I met him once a few years ago, when I was still living in Hawaii,  when he was playing Mufasa in a National Tour of The Lion King.  His cast did this Music in the Park thing in Waikiki, and my friend and I ditched work- ahem went on assignment– to see them.

He was really nice.  One of those guys that stares into your soul when he’s talking to you, and acts like he cares about whatever dribble is coming out of your mouth while you stare at his beautiful curly hair. And his voice is really deep.  And he’s really big.  I’m not usually into huge men, but his thighs were the size of my whole torso and I just kept repeating, “IlovemyboyfriendIlovemyboyfriend.”

So, yeah, I’m gonna watch this kids’ show.  I’m gonna watch the heck out of it.  You should, too.

“Pair of Kings” premieres Sept. 22 on Disney XD.  Did you watch it last night on Disney Channel?  What did you think?

Let’s Discuss: Has Disney Saved Broadway?

Photo courtesy

Greetings chums!  I recently read a post on The Awl (NSFW) in which the author claims that Disney’s commitment to live theatre has by and large saved Broadway.  He gives a several reasons for this, but mostly it boils down to this:  Disney’s got the dough to put on a big show.  (Yes, I realize that rhymed.  Yes, I realized that before I wrote it. And yes, I posted it anyway.)

Aside from his douchey comments about “In the Heights,” he makes some good points:

They don’t waste their time with “pared down” productions where the orchestra is reduced to two actors playing recorders and a keyboardist plinking out orchestrations designed for at least 24 real musicians . No, these folks always put mad cash behind their productions—and they still turn a profit. 
With the recent news that “West Side Story” plans to downsize its orchestra, I can’t help but think that maybe he’s right.  In many cases the only way that the art survives in hard times is by drawing in non traditional theatre goers. But is the Disney-fication of theatre (pronounced the-ah-tah) a good thing?  

I’m inclined to say yes, because of their draw for young viewers.  Viewers who (hopefully) turn into old viewers.  With lots and lots of money.

What do you think?  As an adult, would you have seen a puppet show if not for The Lion King? Has Disney saved Broadway?  

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