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I Went to NYC

I’m trying to be better at updating.  We’ll see how this goes. . .

Greetings, all!  I’m trying my best to catch you up (quickly) on what I’ve been doing (read: why I haven’t been updating) so far this year.  Here’s a quick look at my recent trip to NYC.  There are only highlights- there were no lowlights. LOL A bunch of my friends from all over (Hawaii, Florida, California) were going to be in the city at the same time, so it was a perfect storm of fun.  I got to see friends from high school, college, and performer friends I had been missing terribly.  I squeezed in an audition (it went OK!  They had nice things to say)

My friend Alex was kind enough to let me stay with him and show me around.  We had a blast eating and walking (and walking) our way around Manhattan.  Check out my trip in pictures:

My first visit to MoMA. I love modern art. No, really.

Alex won us tickets for the Book of Mormon lottery. The show was fantastic. I was inspired.

It snowed the second day! Hadn't been in snow since I was a toddler.

A and me about to see some bones at the Natural History Museum.

I'm mad he didn't come to life.

On our way to a night out with some of the Hawaii crew.

Me and A dancing it up at Barracuda.

Me and T living at Barracuda.

On the way to brunch in the village.

I think this was a lesbian bar? I dunno. It was near our brunch spot in the village.

Freezing on our way to see Lady Libs.

She's so pretty.

Being goofy in Times Square.

Exhausted! My last morning. Waiting for Alex at his audition at Chelsea Studios.

I had an absolute blast during my trip.  I didn’t want to leave (but then, I never do.  Wherever I go on vacation is usually awesome).  Where should I go on my next trip?  Suggestions are welcome.  Also,  check out Alex’s blog about living and auditioning in NYC here.  Thanks for stopping by! xx


Has This Ever Happened to You?

Will Sing For. . . money.

Last week I went to an audition. I won’t say exactly what it was for, but it would have taken me overseas (to Asia!), and I would have gotten to play a fantastic female lead. Anywho, this particular audition only comes up once a year, and I missed last year’s so I was excited to get in the room.

The first round, I was next to last among 10 other chicks, and I was the only one kept. I felt pretty good. I really hate auditioning. I know everyone says that, probably because THE CRAP IS TRUE.  Auditions are just the opposite of fun usually.  This time, though, was kind of fun because I knew most of the people there. After a few years in Orlando (and a few hundred auditions), I’ve worked with a lot of people (lucky me!) and met many more. I was nervous for the second cut, of course, but mostly I tried to have fun.

So, a couple of hours later it was time to sing again for the second cut. This time, it was a mix of guys and girls, and I was last. I opened the door, exhaled, and bounded into the room. Once I was ready to sing, it went something like this. . .

Me: [Singing “Waiting for Life” from Once on This Island- because I get to sing my face off and it books the gigs]

This was not me

“. . . and off we’ll DRIIIIIIVE!”

Them: “KEEP GOING!!!!!”

Me: “WE’LL DRIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! Oh Gods, oh Gods, are you


Woman behind camera: [Smiles, bobs head]

Everybody else in the room: [Rocking out]

After I was done, everyone seemed really excited and pleased. When I walked out, a couple of people gave a thumbs up.

But I got cut. Ha!  In my face!  I mean. . . ugh, nevermind.

*Yawn* Impress us

It was strange.  I mean, I understand that you go to auditions to book the gig, and it can kind of seem like a waste of time when you don’t.  For some strange reason, though, I walked away feeling great.  I know I didn’t suck.  I just wasn’t what they were looking for.  But getting to just sing felt incredible.  It was good to be reminded why I do this, especially when I can get so bogged down in “working.”  At a certain point, when performing becomes your job, you can lose the joy of it.  It’s moments like this that bring it back, and you can hold on to that for a long time, actually.

In any case, at least I went.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever felt like you did well at something and then. . . zip?  Or, have you ever been told no and not really given a damn?

Two Birds, One Stone?

So, yesterday, I thought I’d be cute and go to two auditions on one day.  The first for an Equity show, and the second for a cruise line.  I had an appointment for the first one, and the second was a walk-in.  Easy peasy, right?  Ha!

The first one, supposed to start at 12:20 ran about an hour over.  Which was fine.  I think I did OK.  It was pretty easy, but I think now it’s just a matter of type and timing.  After I finished, I rushed off to the second audition- about 20 minutes away.  The sign-in for this one was at 12, and the audition started at 1.

When I got there, I strolled up to the sign in table and tried to grab an application.  But, the guy wouldn’t let me fill one out because I was “too late.  Missed the welcome discussion.”
“Are you kidding?”  I asked him.
“Um, no.”

Ugh.  So, I drove there for nothing.  But, it’s cool.  I think I’m just not supposed to work on a boat!

 At least one of these things didn’t happen.  Which makes me feel better!  Take a look:

How Much Do You Drink?

I’m currently in rehearsals for a show that takes place outside, in the Florida heat. The show is high-energy and I’m definitely sweating a lot. This has made me even more obsessive than normal about my water consumption. Am I getting enough? How do I know? I did a little research, and here’s what I’ve found:

1. Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine, etc.

2. The more you exercise, the more fluid you need. An extra 1.5-2.5 cups is ideal for short bouts of exercise.

3. Some medical conditions, like fever, require that you increase fluid intake. However, some conditions like heart failure or kidney disease may require you to limit your water intake.

So, how do you know how much to chug? According to the Institute of Medicine, men should consume about 3 liters of fluid a day, while women should have around 2.2 liters. According to the Mayo Clinic, feeling thirst rarely is also a good indicator of proper hydration.

So, there you have it! My little tidbit for the day. Keep in mind that even as it gets cooler we still need to watch our fluid intake- especially singers! Getting enough water ensures that you are thinning any mucous that builds over the vocal chords!

". . . but my heart cried out for you, California."

I’m in LA! I’ll be here until Thursday. There aren’t that many things on the calendar for this trip. I’ve got an audition, a couple of dinners with friends, and a date with Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.
I have strangely missed Hell Ay, but I’m sure I’ll get over it in no time! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write again while I’m here!

Auditioning Will Give You a Six-Pack

When I came back to Orlando, I told myself that I would go to every possible audition. That has mostly been true, I’m happy to report. Although there were a couple of times making the effort didn’t seem worth the gas money. Still, it has been sort of a blessing in disguise to finally have some free time. I can make a bigger commitment to my craft and make auditioning a priority. Oh yeah, and sometimes get a killer workout.

Like at the audition for High School Musical 3: Right Here Right now. This show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios celebrates the movie (which I have never seen and probably never will) and has heavy dancing for singers. I went, even though it made me feel old just driving up to the building.

On the way back out, though, I felt much better about myself. I actually made it thru all the dance cuts, and got great feedback after singing. It made me feel great, especially after my last dance call where I felt like a total loser afterward. I think this has been the best lesson from all this: Sometimes the roles you’re right for aren’t always the ones you live and die for.

Oh, gross. It rhymes. But you know what I mean.

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