Well That Was Fast

This is literally what I found when I Googled "Sad Bunny."

Bummer, you guys! Looks like NBC’s The Playboy Club was cancelled.   According to The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial show got the axe after disappointing ratings a second week in a row.  Several advertisers pulled spots after a proposed boycott from the Parents Television Council on grounds the show is “degrading and sexualizing.”

Um. . . derrr.  It’s a show.  On American television.  About Playboy.  Do we really need a boycott for a show that pretty much everyone knows is going to have a lot of the smexing? Is this to protect the kids?  I know plenty of kids.  They are too busy watching their own shows to give a crap what’s on their parents’ TV.

I digress.  The point of this post was to talk about the void for a show about the swingin’ 60s that was left by The Playboy Club.  I mean, we have the genius that is AMC’s Mad Men, and the cigarette-free twilight zone that ABC has created with their 60s-era drama Pan Am.  But I just think we need one more show about the 1960s!

I know I sound harsh.  Truth is, I liked the show.  But I’m a sucker for sharp tailoring, thick eyeliner, and a Tina Turner impersonator.  I will watch practically anything set in the 60s (and the 40s).  I just wish this show had been on cable.  Part of the drama of that time was the sexual tension, race issues, and gender issues.  I’m not sure a network TV show can handle all that controversy. . . and not get run out of town.

"Can I stay at your place? I'm sorta. . . in between jobs right now. . ."

I’m especially bummed for Laura Benanti, the gorgeous actress who plays Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne.  She is a fierce betch and made the show fun to watch.  I really hope this gorgeous Broadway vet gets another job on the TV.  Maybe she and the other bunnies could catch a Pan Am flight and start new careers! ; )

What do you think?  Did NBC cancel The Playboy Club too soon?  Which network show is next?  And what are kids these days watching?  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx


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2 responses to “Well That Was Fast

  • Alex

    i was totes devastated for laura benanti when i found out it was cancelled. but that tina turner impersonator LOOKED NOTHING LIKE TINA!!! nor did she sound like her! i could have found at least 20 drag queens who could do a better tina turner

  • hezaire

    LMAO! it seriously would’ve become my favorite show of all time if drag queens did all the celebrity impersonations!

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