New Project: Head Of The Class

At the start of summer I had a change in my work schedule, and found myself with my mornings mostly free.  I had decided that I would take it easier this summer (less working, less partying, more sleep), but I’ve also been thinking about all of the resources that I have around me.  I mean, I know so many talented people, I might as well learn something from them, right?

I really committed to this last year with what I jokingly called the Tracy Chapman Project (to be a black acoustic guitarist who sings emotional folk songs), but I’m amping it up with a new acting class and several dance classes.  Woohoo! I figure, guitar lessons have been going so well, why not use my free time productively instead of sitting around the house eating entire boxes of strawberry Newtons (yeah, it’s happened).

Me and my babies!

My acting class will focus on film acting, and will last for twelve weeks.  Hopefully I’ll stretch myself as an actor and learn more about myself.  Those will be my main goals for the class.  I’ll be posting here about my progress.

I was their age when I started dancing. I promptly quit. Then I came back. I wanted out too, kids.

For dance classes, I’m going to be focusing primarily on jazz and ballet (the two forms I started with as a wee babe).  I might be looking in to tap, but I seriously dislike doing it (LOVE watching it!), so that is doubtful at this point.  On the dance front, my focus will be improving my technique and flexibility.  I’d also like to get better at picking up choreography.  Before I moved to Orlando I was taking class weekly (and I was getting pretty good, too!), but I’ve been mad lazy. So, for the rest of the year I’m recommitted to ze dance.  BOOM! KACK!

You might be wondering why I’m doing this (let alone why I’m telling you).  It’s simple:  I found myself, after several years working as a performer, becoming stagnant.  I wasn’t really learning and growing as a performer.  True, I have been making connections and learning about the business, but the feeling of progress and feeling like I was constantly improving wasn’t there.  For someone like me that can lead to unhappiness pretty quickly.  I’ve gotta feel like I’m moving forward or I feel like I can’t breathe.  It’s easy to get complacent as an actor when you’re working, but that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.  This is not a profession where you can ever rest on your laurels.

So, I’m making a change.   How about you?  How are you working towards your best self?  I know that sounds super self-helpy, but I mean it!  Let’s discuss in the comments below.  Have a great day, all! xx


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