Look At These Hipsters

The other day I was having what I like to call a “web trip.”  Basically it’s where I start out Googling a certain topic, intending to find out some specific information, then I look up from my computer and it’s four hours later and I’m stuck looking at something completely unrelated to my starting point.  Because of my previously stated Internet Addiction, this happens to me roughly. . . every night.

The downside of this is that I Stumble Upon some crazy shiz that freaks me out, also that I rarely go to bed at a decent hour or enjoy a proper dinner.  The upside of this is that I find funny stuff to post here!  So let’s just concentrate on the upside, umkay?

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that hipsters are out of control. Did you know that the insanity has spread to the world of Disney animation?  Oh you did? OK well whatever.  It’s my blog and Imma post some Hipster Disney stuff.  Enjoy!

The merm’ that started it all:  Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Photo: Geekosystem.com

This is amazeballs.  Remember that part in the movie?  Who knew Ariel was so ahead of the mainstream?  Also, there’s this photo of Traci Hines, a real-life Hipster Ariel:

Photo: Traci Hines

Apparently this is called Cosplay, or “costume play” and is an actual thing where people dress up like Anime and cartoon characters IRL.  Please feel free to not educate me on this if you’re into it and know all about it.  What the eff?!

Here are some other cute ones (all are from Hell Yes Hipster Disney!)

I could go on forever, but you’ve all got lives to lead.  Check out the hipster Disney site.

And, if you’re in Orlando and in the mood to watch talented ladies stick it to The Mouse in real life, check out “Disenchanted: Bitches of the Kingdom” at the Orlando Fringe Festival.  It’s running ’til Saturday- and it’s so good!  Have a great day everyone! xx


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