Music Monday: Darwin Deez


Mornin’ all!  Hope you’ve all had a great weekend celebrating the non-Rapture that happened.  I was celebrating my birthday (Saturday) and trying not to fall asleep at work (Sunday).  Since it was my birthday this weekend, I really didn’t feel like getting too serious with today’s feature.  I mean, I love you all dearly, but a gal’s gotta party it up!  So, I thought I’d bring you an artist that’s been making my toe tap for a couple of weeks now.  The super fun, breezy, Darwin Deez.

This New York City art rock group has about a dozen members, but is fronted by Darwin “Deez” Smith.  Maybe he’s more of a solo act who calls the musicians that sometimes play with him “Darwin Deez,” too.  Either way, their sound is simple, sweet, fun.

According to their website, lead singer Darwin writes and plays all the band’s songs on a four-string electric guitar using his own tuning.  This probably explains the far-out and funky melodies that are Darwin Deez’s signature.  Oh, and the songs are catchy, too.  Like crazy catchy.  I dare you to not get “Constellations” stuck in your head:

Cute right?  His curls are so juicy looking!  I wonder what kind of activator he uses. . . I hear that they play some of Darwin Deez’s songs in Hollister.  Please overlook that and dance to this music with me this summer.  The band only has an EP, titled Constellations, but an LP is due later this summer.  Ch-ch-check it out!

Must have tracks:


“Radar Detector”

“Up in the Clouds

Snag Darwin Deez’s EP “Constellations” on iTunes, and check out their YouTube channel for some LOLz.  Let me know if you’re feeling this MM pick or not!  Have a great day! xx


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