Music Monday: TV On The Radio

Brooklyn-based art rockers TV on the Radio are no strangers to multitasking.  They’ve dabbled in soul, funk, electro, jazz, and prog on their albums; and band members have starred in films and produced other acts while working on TVOTR albums.

They’ve been on the scene since 2001, touring pretty much nonstop following the release of their first EP, Young Liars.  After a year-long hiatus beginning late 2009, the band released their latest effort, Nine Types of Light.

Gerard Smith

After the sort of manic, party album that was Dear Science, Nine Types feels like a more grown up project.  The band sounds more settled, gelled, and upbeat.  This is especially poignant, considering the recent death (April 20th) of bassist Gerard Smith from lung cancer.  Smith had only been diagnosed a month before, and had taken a break from touring for treatment.  The band has canceled around six recent dates on their tour.

Check out the video for “Will Do,” the first single off Nine Types of LIght.

Such a gorgeous video!  I think that’s Joy Bryant, from Antwone Fisher and that Parenthood TV series.  If you know for sure, let me know!

Must have tracks:

“Will Do”

“Keep Your Heart”

“New Cannonball Run”

You can pick up Nine Types on iTunes now.  RIP Gerard Smith, a talented musician who will be missed.  Have a wonderful week everyone! xx


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