Music Monday: Jessica Lea Mayfield

Whenever I read something about Jessica Lea Mayfield, the words “raw,” “authentic,” and “emotional” inevitably come up.  It’s no wonder, really:  At just 21 years old, Mayfield’s sad songs seem much too lived-in for someone so young.  She tells honest stories about love, loss, and lust- all with a sleepy, country-rock flair.

Originally from Ohio, she traveled with her family’s bluegrass band starting at age 8.  She picked up the guitar at age 11 and was soon writing songs.  At just 16, Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach discovered her on MySpace.  He produced her 2008 debut With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, and this latest effort, Tell Me.

There’s a really nice marriage on Tell Me between Mayfield’s melancholy lyrics and Auerbach’s rockin’ guitar and quirky drum loops that helps the album cross nicely into pop territory.  Check out the first single, “Our Hearts Are Wrong:”

With a pretty successful run at this year’s SXSW, I think Jessica Lea Mayfield is definitely on the verge.  Check her out and tell me your thoughts.

Must have tracks:

“Our Hearts Are Wrong”

“Grown Man”

“Blue Skies Again”

“Tell Me”

You can get Jessica Lea Mayfield’s Tell Me and other albums on iTunes now.  I’ll be home in Hawaii this week, so look forward to some posts about island life!  Have a great day ! xx


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