I AM One of Those People!

Why are these a thing?!

The other day I was talking to my friend Nicci while perusing the internet (I have an internet addiction.  I need to go to one of those Internet Rehabs in China), when a link caught my eye.  It was CNN’s blog completely devoted to. . . The Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales!

I casually mentioned to Nicci that, on the site, there was a story about souvenir Royal Wedding condoms, and we both laughed for a second and then she said, “Wait.  What site are you looking at?  Are you looking for information about that wedding?  Are you one of those people?

"You know you love us. Don't fight it!"

“What?  No!  What are you talking about?”  I stammered.

“You know, those people who are obsessed with the Royal Wedding.”

“Me?  No!  I just happened upon this site. . .”  I lied.  But she knew.  I wasn’t fooling anyone.  As much as I want to be rational and realize that this is a completely frivolous event that has no bearing on my life. . . I can’t help it.  I am one of those people.

How embarrassing.  But really, how can you resist such an awesome story?  A “commoner”  (whose really a totes wealthy smarty who goes to an elite university)  meets and marries a real prince (who is kinda balding)!  That is magical.

And it’s not like it’s easy to get away from.  Every time I turn on the TV there’s a story about William and Kate.  I’m sure it will only get worse as their wedding date, April 29th, draws near.  I mean, The Lifetime Network made a movie about them!  If you know me, you know that I love those god awful Lifetime movies somethin’ fierce.

This is so fantastically creepy!  Like, how do they get all these details about their romance?  Did they go through their trash looking for love letters or something?  I have to watch it.  April 18th.  Be there!

Plus there’s amazingness like this, Fiona Gable’s “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding” kit:

Visit hobbycraft.co.uk for this gem.

It comes with a tiny sapphire engagement ring, people!

And this, found on Regretsy:  A totally accurate and detailed commemorative cup celebrating the wedding of Kate and. . . wait.  Who is that guy?

Click for maximum LOLs

Pretty sure that’s not Prince William.  Attention to detail. . . FAIL.

What can I say?  Something about this wedding speaks to me, which is funny because I’ve never been someone who is into weddings.  I have no idea what I would want for my own wedding and honestly, I don’t care that much about weddings in my real life.  There are just so many aspects of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding that I find surreal;  I can’t look away.

All I ask is that you try to love me through this, and try to understand if I don’t answer the phone April 29th.

So, I’ve confessed my secret.  Dare to share yours?  Are you obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding?  Or could you give two crickets?  Share your stories in the comments!  xx


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