Music Monday: James Blake

British singer and DJ James Blake might just be the most prolific minimalist around.  He’s released 5 EPs and a full-length album since 2009, each with his unique style of electronica and piano-driven emotion.

Blake, the son of guitarist James Litherland, is a classically trained pianist.  He recorded songs in his bedroom while in school, and released his first EP, “Air & Lack Thereof,” immediately after graduating in 2009.

The songs on his self-titled album are varied, but each track is restrained, minimalist, and represents a new, soulful sound in techno.  I’m actually not a huge fan of techno, but I’ve been getting into dubstep recently, and James Blake is partly the reason.  He’s got some really great dubstep tracks on earlier EPs, and makes great, listenable jams.

Check out the video for “The Wilhelm Scream:”

Kinda trippy, but I think if you give the album a listen you’ll get into it!

Must have tracks:

“The Wilhelm Scream”

“Limit To Your Love”

“I Only Know (What I Know Now)” from Klavierwerke EP

Pick up James Blake’s self-titled album on iTunes, and check out his YT for more videos.  Have a great week, everyone! xx


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