Lauryn Hill Came to House of Blues Orlando

That’s right!  And- SPOILER ALERT!-  she was great!  There’s been a lot of talk around her new tour.  Folks are saying that she can’t sing anymore, that she freaks out on stage, and that the show isn’t worth the ticket prices.  In my experience, that just wasn’t true.  She sounded awesome, her arrangements were fire, and the whole live experience was soooo BOMB!

I went with a couple of friends from work, Trevor and Shawna;  as well as Trevor’s wifey Sumie.  We had a blast jamming out to the opening act, Hot 8 Brass Band (NOLA was well represented!).  After Hot 8 was a kind of annoying DJ who screamed “WHAT’S UP ORLANDO, CALIFORNIA?!!!!” at us.  It was embarrassing for him.

Me, Shawna, and Sumie, waiting for the show to start.

Trevor and I love Lauryn Hill!

Around midnight, Lauryn finally came out.  I was a little loopy by then.


A little out of it by midnight

Once the actual show got on the road, it was hot!  She did a couple of newer songs, and gorgeous versions of her hits from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, including a groovy version of “To Zion.”  She played pretty much non-stop, except for a couple of times when she had to make the band jam out while she fixed some sound issues.  I heard a lady in front of me say, “I think she might be a diva. . .” which cracked me up.  I don’t think folks realize how much bad sound impacts a singer’s performance.  Check it:  if your sound isn’t right, you could sound a hot mess, and even hurt yourself.  I loved watching her take charge of her band!

Probably the best part was a medley of Fugees songs that she did.  She sang and rapped everyone’s part!  It was bananas.  And I really liked her performance of “Killing Me Softly,” which is forever my jam.

Such a good night!  I’m so glad I didn’t listen to some of the chatter about Ms. Hill, because it was so worth it to see her live.  Definitely check her out if she comes to your area!  xx


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2 responses to “Lauryn Hill Came to House of Blues Orlando

  • Penelope

    Hi. I went to the HOB to see Lauryn Hill too. I was blogging about how disappointed I was in the show–I came across your blog. I love it! It was nice to see a different perspective (and I think it was my destiny to come across your blog!). XO Penelope
    p.s. I think I saw Trevor that night…he has a memorable face!

    • hezaire

      how cool that you were there, too! what didn’t you like about it? maybe i missed some things. . . definitely meant to be. and you can’t miss trevor- he’s unforgettable! LOL

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