Music Monday: Lupe Fiasco

After several delays, Lupe Fiasco’s third album, Lasers was finally released last week.  Originally started in 2008, Lasers is a clear example of how label shenanigans can hold up a project and affect its outcome.

There are quite a few different vibes on this album and lots of guests, including Skylar Grey; MDMA; John Legend; and Trey Sogz.  At times it sounds all over the place, maybe because tracks were tweaked long after they were originally written.  I’m not sure.

There are a couple of standouts.  I really like “The Show Goes On,” which samples Modest Mouse’s “Float On.”  I never really liked the original’s melody line, but I’m into it on this record for some reason.  Check out “The Show Goes On:”

I also like “Words I Never Said,” his duet with Skylar Grey.  She is everywhere right now, with good reason.  She writes way catchy hooks that are right in step with Hip Hop.

Originally, Lupe Fiasco’s third album was going to be his last.  I really hope I get to hear more from him, because there are some awesome moments on Lasers that prove he’s got a voice that needs to be heard.

Must have tracks:

“Coming Up”

“Words I Never Said”

“The Show Goes On”

Lasers is on iTunes now.  Pick it up and tell me what you think!  Have a great day everyone, and click here to see some ways you can help with Japan’s recovery. xx


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