Music Monday: 42Five

This post has been a couple of weeks in the making.  I first thought about writing it two weeks ago, in the midst of rehearsal mania (my show had a total refurb and is now waaaaaay better!), but there was no time.  So here it is, for today’s MM!  Right on time, if I do say so myself.  Full disclosure:  I know some of the guys in this band.  So sue me.  I’m not the New York Times.  They screw up all the time, anyway.

This week’s MM artist hits on one of my favorite musical styles- A Capella.  I have a definite soft spot for A Capella, and have since I was a kid in school choir.  There’s something about hearing only the human voice that brings a piece of music to life.  I think 42Five combine their voices, arrangements, and sense of humor to give new direction to an old genre.

So, what’s the story on 42Five (Four-Two-Five)?  Well, they’re an A Capella group from right here in Orlando, and they are boss.  Formed in 2000, the group is a catchy mix of pop, rock, and blues that draws on the five members’ unique musical styles.  Ryan, Earl, Geoff, Danny, and Layne bring both classic favorites and current hits to life with their voices and meaty arrangements.  Check out their cover of Far East Movement’s “Like a G6:”

Like it?  You can find more 42Five covers on their YouTube page. Also, they’re giving away a free MP3 of their “Grenade” cover through Tweet For a Track.  Just click here and follow the directions.  Easy breezy!

Check out 42Five’s albums on iTunes, and if you’re in Orlando check them out live!  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day! xx


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