Music Monday: M.I.A.

Photo credit: BBC

Happy New Year!  This being the first MM of the new year, I have a special treat, featuring one of the fiercest people I know of from Sri Lanka- M.I.A.!  Okay, she’s probably the only person I know of from Sri Lanka. . . but still, she’s pretty badass.  With the Dec. 30 release of her new mixtape, VICKI LEEKX, she’s at it again and crazier than ever.

This new 36-minute explosion, available as a free download at, features production by Blaqstarr, Diplo, and Switch; and lyrics inspired by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  M.I.A. (born Maya Arulpragasam) has always been known for her controversial political views, and this effort is a testament to her militant ways.  There’s no denying that M.I.A. has a flair for combining politics, sex, club music and Hip-Hop- and making something that is completely different.  This is dance music for a new decade.  And it’s wild.


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Download M.I.A.’s VICKI LEEKX here, and tell me what you think!


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