Boss Vs. B!t@#

Last week, this video of rapper Nicki Minaj went kinda viral:

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It’s a snippet from her MTV special, “My Time Now,” which aired November 28th.  In the special, Nicki travels back to her native Trinidad (yay for my fellow Trinidadians!  Apparently that is a word), works on her first album, and opens up about her superstardom.
Which is where the above clip comes in.  Not that no one’s ever said it before, but Nicki brings home the point of Hip Hop’s (and, let’s be real- the world’s) double standards for women in the cuckoo way only she can.  Why is it that Diddy can wild out and make all kinds of demands on the people he works with, and it’s cool, but if a woman in his same position does that she’s a 

nicki minaj

Image by stephon simeon via Flickr


Granted, Nicki Minaj hasn’t quite established herself like Diddy and others who’ve earned a rep for being hard asses. Still, we’ve all heard that old adage, “you teach people how to treat you.”  It’s especially important in the entertainment world, where artists are usually just a commodity.  I mean, there are a gazillion chicks out there who can do what you do.  Why rock the boat when you’re just starting out and risk ruining your career?
But, okay.  I’m gonna just say it:  Maybe it’s time that more of us (women) stop trying to be all things to all people and just Boss Up.  Because making the choice between being nice and being in charge of how we’re treated isn’t fair.  Because, if we have to choose, shouldn’t we choose ourselves?
I’m going to focus on being more assertive in asking for what I want.  You should, too.  If not, all you’re left with is pickle juice.
Do you sometimes have trouble sticking up for yourself?  Me too!  Share a story in the comments if you want, and let’s work on that together, umkay?

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