Music Monday: Marsha Ambrosius

I evidently have a fascination with singers from across the pond, because the last few MM posts have all come from Brits!  Today is no exception.  Marsha Ambrosius, formerly of ’90s Hip-Hop duo Floetry, has gone solo, and her new album comes out early next year.

She’s been collaborating with artists as a solo act for a few years now, and her sound is really heavenly.  Marsha’s partner, Natalie Stewart, was the “Flo” in Floetry- with her rap/poem lyrics, but Marsha was a talented voice in her own right.

This first solo album, Late Nights & Early Mornings, should pretty much continue in the Neo-Soul footsteps of Floetry.  The first single, “Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)” is pretty much a mayjah burn for whoever that song is about.  It’s a synth/ hip-hop jam that will have you bobbing your head- whether you’ve just gone through a breakup or not.

“Far Away,” has a hot R&B groove that shows Marsha Ambrosius has definitely stepped out and defined herself as an artist.  The soft piano picks up in this honest ode to love lost, and it’s her sultry vocal that really makes it memorable.  Listen:

Late Nights & Early Mornings is scheduled for release January 4, 2011 on J Records.  The singles mentioned above are on iTunes now!

Have a great Monday, all!  Please let me know what you thought of this pick in the comments.  Know an artist you think I should hear?  Leave your suggestions in the comments, too, and I’ll get on it! xoxo


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