If Only It Were That Easy

Clear signage, please.

I’ve had the following conversation several times:

Non-performer:  What do you do?

Me:  I’m a singer/actor

NP:  No, I mean for money?

Me:  That’s what I do.  I get paid for it.

NP:  Are you gonna be on Broadway?

Me:  I sure hope so.

NP:  When?  What are you gonna be in?  You should be in Once on This Island! (Or Footloose or The Wiz or some other thing that isn’t on Broadway anymore. . .)

Me:  *Facepalm*  Not sure, but thanks for the vote of confidence.  That show’s not on Broadway anymore, but maybe one day. . .

Groan.  Am I alone here?  For some reason, when I tell people that I’m a performer, they think I’m lying.  Then they immediately ask me how I make money- like the two things are mutually exclusive.  News flash! Those folks performing in bars and in theme parks and in hotels aren’t there for the free food.  We get paid!  Sometimes pretty well!

More importantly, we get to have fun.  Everyday.  With other performers who are having fun.  So, while we may not be on a straight path to financial freedom, we still win at life.  Because we’re living it.  Doing what we love.  OK.  While I try to figure out how to get off this soapbox without hurting myself, watch this super-accurate cartoon:

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Feel free to share your stories in the comments!

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2 responses to “If Only It Were That Easy

  • mandiwrites

    That convo is a killer. Another:

    Where do you work?


    Oh yeah, what do you do?

    …I work in entertainment

    Really? So do you like, know Mickey or goofy or something?

    No. I am in the Festival of the Lion King.

    Oh cool! You dance?

    No. I’m a singer.

    So… Wich character are you? Are you Nala?

    No….ugh. Never mind. I work merchandise.

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