Loosen Up Your Belt Straps!

Mama Likes! (Screen cap from Food Network)

Last week my roomies and I were at the gym, working on our fitness at the ellipticals.  You know, the super-fancy-pants ones with the TVs and cable?  I decided to pop on the Food Network (why?  because I’m a masochist!  Yay!), and who was on but Butter Baby herself, Paula Deen.

Of course, as soon as he saw that I was watching Paula Deen’s Home Cooking, my roomie turned his screen to it, too.  It went something like this:

PD:  Welcome to the show, y’all!  Today I’m usin’ my favorite food- POTATOES!  And do y’all know what my two favorite things to slap up on potatoes are?

Roomie:  Mayonaise!

Me:  Butter!

PD:  Mayonaise and Butter!

And then we proceeded to sweat while watching her make the grossest, greasiest, yummiest potato dishes.  Ever.  For the love of God, why can’t I turn away?  I saw her put butter in a drink once- and I watched the whole episode.  Bleh!  Delicious!  I can’t decide how I feel about her.

Who am I kidding?  I love her, and I love all her crazy.  Here’s a tribute SNL did starring Kristen Wiig.  It has a couple of really funny moments- but mostly just captures some of Paula’s crazy:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I need some of those bad boys!  ‘Till I get my hands on some, I’ll be daydreaming of butter baths during my workouts.  Thanks for reading, and please *LIKE* this post if you liked it! xoxo


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4 responses to “Loosen Up Your Belt Straps!

  • Kristen

    That gave me a case of the LOLs. Kristin Wig’s accent is pretty spot on and it’s nice to see her do something other than move her shoulders up and down with an odd smile on her face. And butter baths? That’s gold! Love it!

    • hezaire

      omg i thought of my beloved college roommate the WHOLE time i was writing this! i like kristen wiig, but she is definitely falling into a rut for me. glad you liked it! thanks for commenting xoxo

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