Music Monday: Duffy

She’s baack!  Welsh Blue-Eyed Soul vixen Duffy has released a couple of singles from her upcoming album, Endlessly.  The album is her second and represents a fresh start with exciting new collaborations, including Albert Hammond.

The debut single, “Well, Well, Well,” is a funky denial of bad behavior featuring a rhythm section by The Roots.  Once this song grew on me, I found myself humming it at all times throughout the day.  I love it.

Duffy also brings it with the title track, an acoustic gem that channels the same soul that made Rockferry so powerful.  This song is so gonna be my winter ballad- the perfect tune for cuddling up or sipping wine and watching the fire (if it ever gets cold enough for that here in Florida).

Lastly, I think “Hard for the Heart” is really pretty, too.  It’s also got just enough of that swinging ’60s feel that Duffy does well, but never gets too kitschy like many of the other tracks on this album.

Until Endlessly comes out next month, enjoy the video for “Well, Well, Well,” and try to ignore Duffy’s dancing (sorry girl- it’s not cute!):

Endlessly comes out on iTunes December 7th.  Pre-order it today!


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