Les (Not So) Miserables

This week the 25th Anniversary concert performance of Les Mis finally made its way to a theater near me.  I was pretty excited to see this spectacle, featuring former Broadway, Tour, and West End stars.  Probably the most talked-about aspects were Nick Jonas‘ turn as Marius (spoiler alert:  he was kinda outdone by everybody else), and this drama between Cameron McIntosh and original director Trevor Nunn (they’re still miffed at each other).

Long story short:  I loved it.  I was definitely taken back to my childhood, when everyone was obsessed with Les Mis and played the Cast Recordings on the regular!  The story is still so powerful, and the conflicts resonate more and more as I get older.  I really thought the staging was great, too.  I didn’t really miss not having all the elements of the full show.

My absolute fave moment was the Sing-A-Thon at the end featuring 4 former Valjeans.  The arrangement was so dreamy, and it was such a powerful moment for everyone looking on, I think.  *Snaps*.

I can’t wait for this to come out on DVD (if it ever does!).  It was a really fun night out with friends, and a fantastic salute to this iconic show!

Aaaargh!  I didn’t include any video ’cause Piracy is wrong, mateys!  But, if you do wanna catch some clips, they are all over YT.  You didn’t hear that from me.


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