Pish Posh: All Things British

I didn’t do a Music Monday this week.  Why?  Because I’ve been crazy busy, my car is sick (get better Bernadette Peters!  I need you to make money!), and there are very important things going on in the world.

Photo from teenhollywood.com

Speaking of which, this has been a very British week- for me at least.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Part 1 of the seventh installment, The Deathly Hallows.  My friends and I are seriously stoked, and I’m getting my plans together for the premiere.  Now that the Wizarding World is open, this movie has even more significance to me.  Plus, during the park’s Grand Opening I actually got to see the stars in person from really far away ,so it’ll be like I’m watching my BFFs.  WIN.

Speaking of win, yesterday I had the opportunity to perform as a member of the Hogwarts family at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo.  I’ve wanted to do something with IAAPA for a while, ’cause it’s like a huge carnival of fun theme park stuff.  Parks from all over the world showcase their best in entertainment and attractions.  It was a fun time- especially because I got to see Dolly Parton in person!  She was there to accept Dollywood‘s  Applause Award, which honors a park whose operations have inspired the industry.  It was such a nice surprise to have such a legend in the room.

Finally, yesterday news broke of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton.  Let the wedding-bonanza begin!  I love a good wedding spectacle, so I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.  So far, her ring (which was Diana’s engagement ring!) is amazing, and the ceremony at Westminster Abbey is sure to kill!  Gah!

But, um, is it just me or is Wills a closet fan of The Hills?

Kate Middleton, lucky stiff. Photo credit: crabbygolightly.com

Lauren Conrad, always a bridesmaid. Photo credit: thehollywoodgossip.com

Cheerio, mates!  I’m going to have a spot of tea and watch some telly and. . . uh. . .  try to stop talking like this!


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