This Is the Remix: Toy Story

Pogo's self portrait? Hmm. . .

Check out this remixx (two “x”s cause I’m cutting edge) by the clever Pogo.  He’s a young South African who has a knack for creating earworms using samples from popular movies.  This is one of his newer vids, a killer send up of Toy Story moments.

I recently came into a Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD thingy of Toy Story 3, and I’m really stoked to watch it, but I’m kinda thinking my sis would like it for Christmas (SHH! don’t rat me out).  This will just have to tide me over until I can get my paws on another copy. . .

You can find all of Pogo’s remixes here on his YT account.  Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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