Music Monday: MEN!

You find some crazy shiz when you just Google "MEN." What is this? I don't care- it's perfect! Credit:

Evidently I’ve got men on the brain!  Maybe because I saw a Boyz II Men show last week?  I dunno. This week the magic’s in the man as I look at some of my favorite songs about guys:  The Good, The Bad, and The Gay (sometimes).

First up, Gossip with “Men in Love.”  This song has that typical Gossip dirty Arkansas rock with added polish from super-producer Rick Rubin.  The result is my Getting-Ready-to-Go-Out song.  Enjoy:

Gossip’s latest album is called “Music For Men.”  It’s hot sauce, and it’s about. . . men!  So pick it up if you haven’t already.

Next up, Amy Winehouse‘s “What Is It About Men?” from her debut album, Frank.  Listen closely as Amy describes how her father’s longtime affair shaped her future relationships with men. Dramaaaaaaaa!

In other news, Wino is slowly coming back, y’all!  She’s got a cover of “It’s My Party” featuring Quincy Jones that will appear on his next tribute album.  Fingers crossed. . .

Feist‘s “My Moon My Man”  is probably forever shadowed by that damn iPod commercial song of hers, but I think I like this one way better.

Honorable Mention:

The Bird and The Bee- “Man”

There are, like, 500 more songs I could put on here, but I’m too lazy.  Instead, tell me some of YOUR favorite songs about men!  I’ll let you do my job for me.  Muahahaha!


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