The Goonies As a Musical?!?


Hey You GUUUYS!   The 1985 movie is still a beloved classic and launched the careers of its stars, including Josh Brolin and Sean Astin.

With the 25th anniversary upon us, director Richard Donner has evidently given up on plans for a Goonies sequel, and started planning the musical.  Producer/Scribe Tim Long of The Simpsons fame is on board, so you know there’ll be some hilarious and classic musical numbers.

It’s unclear how far off this project really is (there’s no director or stars yet), but I’m willing to bet that other ’80s babies like me will line up to see the it onstage.  One request though:  Can they leave the “Truffle Shuffle” out?  Kthanksbye!

Are you an ’80s baby who can’t wait to see The Goonies on stage?  Who would you like to see bring your favorite characters to life?  Let me know in the comments below!  And don’t forget to “LIKE” this post!


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One response to “The Goonies As a Musical?!?

  • E.J.

    What a great movie!!! Staged version put to music can either be really great or really bad… I have my doubts about this project but like you said… Regardless of any doubts I may have, I too am an 80s baby and will be in line to see this show in support of one the greatest movies ever made… Or atleast one of MY favorites! Lol

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