Homeless or Hipster?

Handsome Chinese Beggar or Fall 2010?

The other day I was perusing the interwebs, looking for something cool and exciting to bring you guys.  I set out to do a post about clothes (’cause it’s been forever), and I stumbled on some disturbing photos (website NSFW).

What I found was so shocking, I had to warn everyone immediately.

There is a trend in full swing, people.  A dangerous and potentially harmful thing that could have women everywhere making decisions they will regret.  I’m talking about guys so hip, so trendy, that they look. . . FREAKING HOMELESS.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beard as much as the next girl.  In fact, almost every guy I’ve dated has had perma-stubble of some kind.  In fact, The Boyfriend has a full on Lumberjack situation.  And I’m all for the Brawny Man thing that’s going on right now (Seriously, if I see one more hottie in Buffalo plaid this week I’m going to hop a plane for South Dakota with nothing but thongs in my carry-on). . .

But it’s getting out of hand.  How’s a girl to know if that shy, handsome guy hanging out at her local coffee shop isn’t really just a Schizophrenic who’s just trying not to die of hypothermia by soaking up the free heat? And guys, make sure that girl’s really got “Bedhead” when you meet her at the club, and not “Streethead” from panhandling all day, umkay?

Hot Bedhead Girl or Street Rat Sally?

You:  “Oh hey.  I really like your Ironic Beard!”

Hobo:  “It’s not ironic.  I can’t afford a razor ’cause I’m homeless.”

You:  “Oh snap.  Er. . .” 

The madness has got to stop.  It was cute a few years ago, when this kid in my Econ class had perfectly grungy-looking hair.  Now it’s just confusing.  I mean, that Econ Class Kid probably couldn’t afford shampoo and Hot Pockets, so he made a Sophie’s Choice- and I got to benefit by fantasizing that he was “deep.”  But we’re adults now.  If you can afford to buy purposely ratty jeans at Urban Outfitters, you can afford a comb.  Get it together, hipsters!

Are you confused by these hipsters, too?  Tell me all about it!  And, if you enjoyed this post, please “Like” it using the button below!  xoxo


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