Music Monday: The Green

It’s been over a week since I returned from my trip to Hawaii, and I still haven’t got both my feet in Florida.  I miss home so much.  I miss the people, the food, weather- everything.  I really miss the music, too.

In Hawaii, there’s a heavy Reggae influence in music.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard Reggae played on the radio here in Florida, but back home there are several stations that can be counted on for some Steel Pulse, Marley, and Peter Tosh.  In fact, the influence has led to another genre unto itself.  This style, called “Jawaiian” (stupid name, I know) combines Hawaiian music with Reggae -with a little roots thrown in.

A relatively new act out now is “The Green.”  Their self-titled debut was released in January, but I’ve only recently discovered them (since I don’t listed to Hawaii radio anymore).  The album has a pretty varied sound.  Standout tracks like “How Does It Feel?” have a kind of Acoustic Pop sound, while “Love I” is straight outta the ’90s with its synth keyboard and sound effects.

While I enjoy the way “The Green” grooves, I wish the band had tried harder with the lyrics.  It can sound juvenile at times, with some tired imagery (“Take a look at the sun that shines/ Painting colors of ribbons in the sky”) in “Alive,” and a couple of songs that kind of have a grade-school view of love.  Still, this album is enjoyable the whole way through, and it’s a good addition to the Jawaiian catalog.  Plus, as we finally get into fall here in Florida, it’s nice to hold onto some sounds of Tropical locales!

Must-have tracks:



“How Does it Feel?”  feat Kimie Miner.  Listen to it:

Pick up The Green’s self-titled debut on iTunes now!  Let me know what you think of this MM artist in the comments below.  Happy Monday!


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