Sara Bareilles Came to House of Blues Orlando. . .


"I'm amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!"


. . . and she really let me have it!  Omigosh she was the balls!  Lemme give you the rundown:

I went with a bunch of friends (all fellow performers) after work on Tuesday.  Some of us met up for food and drinks beforehand, so we were good and ready for some piano stomp-rock (That’s how her music is described on Wikipedia.  Why?  Yeah, I don’t know either).

Afterward we headed over to HOB for the show, which was part of her “Kaleidoscope Heart” tour for the new album.  Right off the bat, Sara came out to introduce her two opening acts and chat with us for a minute, which was awesome.


Me and E.J., 3 drinks in.


First up was Holly Conlan.  She makes complete sense as a support act- piano-based pop songs about love and boys.  She was great.  Really cute with a Regina Spektor vibe.  Most of her short set was just her on a little Casio with a guitarist.


Ringmaster, er, I mean Musician Holly Conlan. . .


Next up was Greg Laswell, whom you might know from various Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks.  Or you might have ignored his cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” while  chomping on popcorn and waiting for your movie to start at an AMC Theater last year.  Either way, I recognized quite a few of his songs.  My friends and I pretty much agreed that he was kinda pitchy at the start, but he got going near the middle.  His set was a tad long for me, but I still enjoyed him for the most part.


Laswell that ends well (obligatory pun)


While waiting for Sara’s set to start, we snapped a couple photos:


Me, Christina, and Lindsay: United Colors of Benetton



Me, Tiffany, and Michael: Children of the World


The show was bananas from the beginning.  She started things off with “Vegas,” and stomp-rocked her way through several other hits from her last album.  She brought Holly Conlan back out for a fun performance of  “Gonna Get Over You,” and Greg Laswell reappeared for a fantastical cover of Radiohead’s “Nice Dream.”


"What good does it do? I'm just a basketcase. . ."


One of my favorite moments was her performance of “Basket Case” from the new album.  She set us up with a funny backstory about writing the song, which made her performance even more crushing.

I’m starting to think that might be what makes her songwriting so good- her ability to look at life with humor.  Sara Bareilles’ way of writing from a woman’s POV that’s not melodramatic or pathetic lets you really feel the truth in her words.

And it doesn’t help that she’s got a crazy good voice and plays, like, 50 instruments including piano, guitar, and whatever the aitch this thing is:

For real.  It’s not an accordion, is it?  I’ve never seen it before.  Gah!  I had such a good time at this show!  Good friends, good music, and I left feeling so inspired as a musician.  That’s what it’s all about, kids!

“Kaleidoscope Heart” is out now!  Pick it up on iTunes and check out Sara Bareilles’ new tour!  (And, seriously, if you know what that thing is she’s playing, tell me in the comments!)


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