Music Monday: Jenny and Johnny

Happy Monday, all!  While it’s technically fall, I live in the land of perpetual summer.  Here’s a late summer album that brings a bit of California sunshine to your iPod.   It’s Jenny and Johnny’s “I’m Having Fun Now.”  This debut album from Jenny Lewis and boyfriend Johnathan Rice came out about a month ago, but I just got it on iTunes last week.   In case those names don’t immediately ring a bell, Lewis is frontwoman for Rilo Kiley and Rice played Roy Orbison in “Walk the Line,” and has a couple of albums out, too.

This is their first album under the name “Jenny and Johnny,” but they’ve been collaborating for years- most notably on each others’ solo projects.  Maybe there’s something about creating music with your lovah– The Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Regine Chassagne come to mind- it seems to create a really intimate sound.  There’s a lot of back-and-forth here, but it doesn’t feel like banter.  “I’m Having Fun Now” is a real collaboration, with Lewis and Rice co-writing most songs and playing nearly every instrument on the album.

The sound is a little folk, and a lot of surf rock.  Especially songs like “Big Wave,” which at first sounds like a breezy California summer tune.  But as with most of Jenny Lewis’ creations, a second and third listen brings you deeper (in this case the world of California pill-poppers).  Who knows how long this official group will last, but I’ll be really interested to hear more.

Must Have Tracks:

“Scissor Runner”

“My Pet Snakes”

“Big Wave”


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