That’s Cool and All, But I Like the “Glee” Version Better

Before I get into today’s post, let me start by saying a big honking THANK YOU to everyone who read and commented this week!  Being “Freshly Pressed” made my whole day (seriously.  I jumped up and down like a third grader and whooped so loud, people at work came to my dressing room to make sure I wasn’t stroking out), and everyone had such interesting thoughts about Bruno, stardom, and the BOOGER SUGAR.*

I loved reading everyone’s comments!  Keep ’em coming!  It took me a second to get them all up because I was celebrating my 2nd-Place win in our cast Cupcake Challenge.  I took it abnormally seriously and I’m very proud of my little ribbon, thankyouverymuch.  Chocolate Peanut-Buttercream cupcakes, FTW!

"If you're not first, you're last."

While I just know you came here to listen to me blab on and on about how jazzed I am to be Freshly Pressed, I’ve also got another point in today’s post.  Let’s get to the good stuff:

Last time I mentioned that Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’ song “Billionaire” was featured on the season premiere of “Glee,” and how crazy-bananas cool that was.  Well, after rewatching it several hundred times on Hulu, I got a. . . funny feeling inside.  Then at work I was talking about the season premiere and my coworker said something that helped me come to terms with what I’m about to say.  Here goes:  while I like the show and adore many of the stars and crazy antics, I don’t like the musical numbers.

I know, I know.  The whole show is musical numbers, right? I know it sounds bananas, but hear me out.  Glee shines best when the club does remakes of great (or cheesy) old hits.  They take songs that you forgot about- or have always loved, and use them to tell a story.  It introduces a whole new generation to some great music, but it doesn’t get any deeper than the introduction.

The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3

"Don't mess up my song."

I was talking to a girlfriend a while ago, and my iPod was on in the background.  Jill Scott’s “Hate on Me” came on, and I immediately started rocking out.  My friend bobbed her head, and asked who it was.  After I told her, she sang along for a bit before finally saying, “I like the Glee version better.  It’s so awesome.”

No it’s not.  It’s cute.  Amber Riley, who sings the Glee cover, is a wonderful singer, but she’s auto-tuned to death and doesn’t do anything new with the song.  Coming from Riley, “Hate on Me”s middle finger to life’s naysayers feels weightless.  She doesn’t have the depth of Scott, but no one cares.  The track has a hot beat and sounds like the latest hit on the radio.  So why would you download the original on iTunes when this version sounds so . . . perfect?

And that’s just it.  As talented as so many young people are these days, why does every song on Glee sound like it was recorded with that T-Pain iPhone app? Amber Riley can really sing.  Why did they take away the soul of her voice?  You can still get a pitch-perfect track without over-producing it.  And if you can’t, why is that person on my TV?!

Am I totally  crazy?  Are the Glee covers way better than the originals?

*Full disclosure:  I did not think of this gem myself.  My good friend is a comedian- literally- and he said it when I told him the original story about Bruno over the weekend.  Once I finished peeing my pants, I took a mental note of it, and voilà.


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