I’ve Got Good News. . . And Bad News. . .

Glee cast version single cover.

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I’ll start with the good news first, ‘kay?  That way, after I break the bad news to you, we can cuddle and talk it over.  Shh. . . just go with it.

Hooray!  Bruno Mars’ and Travie McCoy’s song “Billionaire” was featured on the season premiere of Glee!  New kid in town Sam, after being discovered singing in the shower, jams out with the glee club boys in an understated version of the song.  Not that the song hasn’t been played to death already, but Glee songs definitely get a mayjah boost in iTunes downloads.

PS did anyone else die when Cheyenne Jackson showed up as the new director of rival choir Vocal Adrenaline?  Squee!

Wah wah waaaaaah.  Now for the bad news.  According to TMZ online, Bruno was busted in

"Always tip bathroom attendants."

Las Vegas over the weekend with cocaine.  Local police caught up with him in a bathroom stall at the Hard Rock after a bathroom attendant tipped them off.  According to police, he handed over a bag of “white powder” (which later tested positive as cocaine) when asked to and admitted that he had acted foolishly and had “never done drugs before.”

Um. . . yeah.  I have a lot of thoughts about this story.  First of all, who wants to bet that bathroom attendant got the axe- Marie Antoinette style?  He really took that saying, “See Something, Say Something” to heart, okaaaaaaay?! I mean, he did the right thing for sure, but Vegas hotels can’t be shuttin’ down the parties if they want stars to come around.  You know I’m right.

Second, WHY OH WHY?!  Groan.  If you’ve been around the last month, you know that Bruno and I know each other. This story really hurts my heart, kids.  I hate to see this kind of trouble come to him, especially if it’s some kind of misunderstanding. And if it’s not, well that sucks, too.

Is it just me, or is everyone on drugs?  I feel like every time I turn around, another celeb is getting busted with the booger sugar- or some other wacky substance.  I know that we’re more likely to hear about stars getting caught up in the law because of our collective celebrity- obsession, but seriously- everyone is on freaking drugs.  Or anorexic.  Or both.  What gives?!

Of course, I’m reserving judgment on this one until all is said and done.  It’s just shocking, right here and now.  I’m gonna need this to get resolved for better or for worse, so that Bruno can continue to do great things, and not fall into Scary Lohan territory.

So, what do you think of this story?  Is everyone in Hollywood high?  Why do celebrity and the high-life seem to go hand in hand?


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