When Does This Come Out?!

Gotta love the Facebook.  Thanks to some Disney-obsessed friends I discovered this cute little video that was actually filmed in The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios here in Orlando.  Apparently it was manager-approved.  I can’t believe they let them make this, cause sometimes the Mouse can be a bit Nazi when it comes to the trade secrets.

If you don’t know, The Great Movie Ride is a classic attraction that puts you “inside” classic movies.  Guests ride in a car through some famous movie scenes, and get hijacked by characters from the movies along the way.  Hilarity ensues- usually because of run-down animatronics  and poorly delivered lines by the “tour guide” running their car.  I seriously love this thing.  Sometimes when I’m having a bad day and feel like I’m crap as an actor, I hop on it. . . and feel way better about myself.

In any case, below is the video, a trailer for a fake movie called “Night at the Great Movie Ride.”  It combines all my favorite things about TGMR- bad acting, wicked witches, overracting, bad effects, and, um . . . bad acting.

Seriously, when does this movie come out?  I will totally watch it.  And why the eff can’t it ever be like that when my family and I get on TGMR?  All we get is this:



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