Music Monday: Local Natives

Cover of

Cover of Gorilla Manor

You might already know about Local Natives. They played SXSW last year in support of their debut album, Gorilla Manor.  They’ve had a bit of buzz surrounding them since then, but I’ve yet to see a whole lot about them.

In any case, I really like these California boys.  I’d probably describe them as a sort of Fleet Foxes meets Arcade Fire. . . in Africa.  They’re a very percussion-heavy band, and it’s led to a sometimes dance-y sound.

But it’s not all about the beats.  Haunting 3-part harmonies abound, and with songs about grandparents  (Airplanes), you know there’s more to this group than just a frantic beat.  I really love this album, from start to finish.  I’m still uncovering things about it that I like, months later.

Check out their video for “Airplanes:”

And “World News,” which was directed by my college buddy, Matthew Lessner  (He has nothing to do with my selecting them, though.  I just found out about it while putting together this post.  He was amused):

So, what do you think?  Let me know!  If you don’t already have it,  pick up Gorilla Manor on iTunes now!


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