Hawaii Five-O, Version 2.0

This new Hawaii Five-O should be Miles and Saw...

Image by baratunde via Flickr

Did you know that there’s a reboot planned of Hawaii Five-O?  Me neither!  This classic show is set to premiere on CBS September 20th.  The new cast includes hottie Daniel Dae- Kim (of LOST fame), and Alex O’Laughlin- who will play the son of original series character Steve McGarrett.  Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow) will play McGarrett’s sister Mary Ann.  Scott Caan (James’ kid), Jean Smart (Designing woman) and Masi Oka (YATTA!) are also cast.

The new show will pretty much follow the premise of the old show- cops take down the bad guys in Paradise- with a few updates for the new millennium.  It won’t be so much a remake as a reboot.  Think the latest Star Trek film.

Here’s a quick look at Hawaii Five-0:

1.) Alex O’Loughlin? Who the eff is he?  And why is he so hot?  I will watch this show to stare at his face.  And that accent?  Excuse me while I undress. . .

2.)  Is everyone on this show from a canceled TV show on another network?

3.) What about that updated theme song?  I like it, but the YouTube trolls don’t seem to.  Whatevs.  It’s not like they can’t change it season-by-season, right?

4.) And, hey, um, I’m proof that there are black people in Hawaii.  Can I be on this bad boy?  For serious.  Imma be there next month.  Can a girl get a walk- on?

What did you think?  Will you be watching the new Hawaii Five-0? And did you see that guy at 1:43 get hit by that truck?! ZOMG I’m gonna watch just for that.  ROFL!


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