Too Big to Ride?

"Whoa! Check out that butterbeer gut. . ."

Universal is making some adjustments to the seating on its “Forbidden Journey” ride at the WWoHP theme park. Apparently, the ride has received criticism from overweight guests and ride critics for being a little too cozy for comfort.  To date, they’ve only tweaked a couple of the ride cars, but a full overhaul is reportedly taking place.

Btw, there’s a sample chair right outside of the queue for the ride.  This way, if you’re too big to fit, at least you don’t have to find out after waiting in line for eternity.  This story is kind of scary.  Like, how big are we as people that they have to overhaul the ride seats just to fit us all?  Note to self:  no more butterbeer!  Yikes!

Thanks to Orlando Attractions Magazine for posting this story!

Have you taken the Forbidden Journey yet?  Did you think the seats were too small, or are these changes unnecessary?


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