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I’ve been noticing a lot of trailers for movies recently that seem a hell of a lot better than almost anything that came out this summer.  I’m definitely going to be a movie-watching fool once fall movie season officially starts (when is that?  I should know, but I don’t).  Last week I posted about Natalie Portman’s new movie, “Black Swan,” so I’ll skip that today.  Here are a couple of films I’ll be lining up for:

“For Colored Girls”

This is a Tyler Perry movie (Wait!  Don’t leave. . .) based on the 1977 Broadway play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” by Ntozake Shange.  This Tony-nominated play tell the story of 7 black women- known only by the color of their clothes- who deal with various pains.  Check out the trailer below:

Did somebody say “DRAMA?”  This cast looks amazing.  I only hope that Perry’s direction provides a showcase for their talent. Either way, I’ll be there November 5th.


The latest movie from director Clint Eastwood tells the story of a blue collar guy (Matt Damon) who has a special connection to the “other side.”  He is contacted by several people, all of whom have a reason to wonder about what exists after death.

I’m expecting big things from this, but it costars Bryce Dallas Howard, and that makes me nervous because she has yet to star in a movie that I like.  “Hereafter” hits theaters October 22nd.

“The Romantics”

Here we have the story of a group of tight-knit friends who come together for the wedding of two of their own.  It gets a little, um, sticky when we find out that the Maid of Honor is in love with the groom.   Even though the premise seems kinda played out, I’m digging this cast.   I haven’t seen Elijah Wood in a movie in a good while. “The Romantics” is already out in select theaters.


Yeah, that movie is on my list.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this is a can’t-miss movie.  I mean, Cher and X-tina?  My gays and I will be there in full effect!  And I expect more lines like this one, which is actually in this movie:

“When you’re putting on your makeup, it’s like you’re an artist.  But instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting your face.”


And finally, “Welcome to the Rileys”

James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are a couple who have been torn apart by the death of their daughter.  Kristen Stewart is a stripper with a heart of gold who blinks and stammers works her way into their hearts.  If the buzz is true, moviegoers should expect to see some serious ACT.ING from these three.  Bring it!

I’m sure I’ve missed many of the movies that I’ll actually be seeing come October/ November, but I wanted to share a few good trailers with you.  What movies are you looking forward to this year?


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