Has This Ever Happened to You?

Will Sing For. . . money.

Last week I went to an audition. I won’t say exactly what it was for, but it would have taken me overseas (to Asia!), and I would have gotten to play a fantastic female lead. Anywho, this particular audition only comes up once a year, and I missed last year’s so I was excited to get in the room.

The first round, I was next to last among 10 other chicks, and I was the only one kept. I felt pretty good. I really hate auditioning. I know everyone says that, probably because THE CRAP IS TRUE.  Auditions are just the opposite of fun usually.  This time, though, was kind of fun because I knew most of the people there. After a few years in Orlando (and a few hundred auditions), I’ve worked with a lot of people (lucky me!) and met many more. I was nervous for the second cut, of course, but mostly I tried to have fun.

So, a couple of hours later it was time to sing again for the second cut. This time, it was a mix of guys and girls, and I was last. I opened the door, exhaled, and bounded into the room. Once I was ready to sing, it went something like this. . .

Me: [Singing “Waiting for Life” from Once on This Island- because I get to sing my face off and it books the gigs]

This was not me

“. . . and off we’ll DRIIIIIIVE!”

Them: “KEEP GOING!!!!!”

Me: “WE’LL DRIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! Oh Gods, oh Gods, are you


Woman behind camera: [Smiles, bobs head]

Everybody else in the room: [Rocking out]

After I was done, everyone seemed really excited and pleased. When I walked out, a couple of people gave a thumbs up.

But I got cut. Ha!  In my face!  I mean. . . ugh, nevermind.

*Yawn* Impress us

It was strange.  I mean, I understand that you go to auditions to book the gig, and it can kind of seem like a waste of time when you don’t.  For some strange reason, though, I walked away feeling great.  I know I didn’t suck.  I just wasn’t what they were looking for.  But getting to just sing felt incredible.  It was good to be reminded why I do this, especially when I can get so bogged down in “working.”  At a certain point, when performing becomes your job, you can lose the joy of it.  It’s moments like this that bring it back, and you can hold on to that for a long time, actually.

In any case, at least I went.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever felt like you did well at something and then. . . zip?  Or, have you ever been told no and not really given a damn?


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