New Show: Pair of Kings

There’s a new show about to premiere on Disney XD. I have no idea what Disney XD is, but I’m going to watch this little sitcom, because my future baby daddy talented singer/actor Geno Segers is starring in it.  According to Wikipedia, the show’s about a pair of fraternal twins (one black, one white) who find out that they’re royalty on some tiny island.  Geno plays the Royal Secretary to the throne of the island.

I know.  This is a ridiculous-sounding program.  You’re probably thinking, “But I’m an adult.  A sane, rational adult.  Why the eff would I watch this?”  Because of Geno.

I met him once a few years ago, when I was still living in Hawaii,  when he was playing Mufasa in a National Tour of The Lion King.  His cast did this Music in the Park thing in Waikiki, and my friend and I ditched work- ahem went on assignment– to see them.

He was really nice.  One of those guys that stares into your soul when he’s talking to you, and acts like he cares about whatever dribble is coming out of your mouth while you stare at his beautiful curly hair. And his voice is really deep.  And he’s really big.  I’m not usually into huge men, but his thighs were the size of my whole torso and I just kept repeating, “IlovemyboyfriendIlovemyboyfriend.”

So, yeah, I’m gonna watch this kids’ show.  I’m gonna watch the heck out of it.  You should, too.

“Pair of Kings” premieres Sept. 22 on Disney XD.  Did you watch it last night on Disney Channel?  What did you think?


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