Black Swan: A Little Bit Creepy, But Still Good (Probably)

I trust you’ve all seen this trailer for Black Swan?

This looks creepy as hell. But also fantastical, so I will be there on opening night, duh. There are three things I like about this movie already. First, Natalie Portman. I think that angels crafted her face. I could stare at her for two hours on screen no matter what she was doing. But the fact that this movie is about Ze Dance is amazeballs. Oh, that’s the second thing. Ballet movies are always fun because ballet is so hardcore. Oh, and ’cause watching the editors cut from the actors’ sloppy dancing to a trained dancer’s perfect form is fun times.

The buzz about town is that Natalie Portman will get an Oscar for this movie, so she’ll probably get one. I need to get my friends to band together and create buzz about how I’m gonna win an Oscar. Sheesh.

The third thing I like about it (which wasn’t really in the trailer) is Benjamin Millepied, who choreographed “Black Swan” and also has a small part. He is such a gorgeous dancer. Check out his choreography:

Swoon.  I can’t wait to see this movie on December 1st!


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