Music Monday: Bruno Mars

I have a confession to make: This post represents a conflict of interest. I have a personal stake in you buying and liking Bruno Mars‘ music because. . . I know him. He’s from Hawaii like me. We kind of grew up together (at least until middle school). Our moms are really good friends, and I squeed like a true fangirl the first time I heard “Nothin’ On You” on the radio.

There. I’ve said it. Now you’ll know that this post is totally biased, but I don’t care. You know you love that “Billionaire” song with Travis Travie McCoy- even though it is grossly overplayed. And you can’t deny that this mashup of “Just the Way You Are” with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is brills.

So, I won’t drone on about why you should pick up Doo Wops & Hooligans when it comes out on October 5th.  Maybe if I were a music critic for serious I would try and be impartial- but this is little Bruno, the kid who taught me how to Moonwalk.  Just do it.


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