Smited/ Injured: Jordin Sparks

Caution tape!

"It hurts riiiiight here."

Jordan Jordin Sparks reportedly injured her hip during a performance of “In the Heights” on Aug. 28th. According, the singer finished the remainder of the show, but didn’t perform in either of the shows on Aug. 29th. As of now, there’s no date set for her return.

So, my good friend “hipped” me to this story (oh that pun was most def intended), and she had this to say:

“Possibly. . . a sign from the Broadway gods saying ‘Get the celebrities OUT.'”

She got me thinking with this: Can celebrities really keep up with Broadway? It seems like shows will put in a famous face to help boost ticket sales, but often the star has a hard time with the grueling demands of a Broadway show schedule. Most actors don’t just pop up on the broad-way out of nowhere. It takes years to get there, after studying and auditioning and paying dues. It’s during this time that people can build up the stamina to do a show night after night.

I’m not saying that Jordin Sparks deserved what happened to her. I’m not saying that she doesn’t deserve to be in a Broadway show. Injuries happen to the best of us. I’m just sayin’.


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