Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens

Let me help you with your tie, Sufjan

So, last week (August 20th) Sufjan Stevens quietly released an EP titled “All Delighted People.”  It’s only eight songs, but runs over 59 minutes, and focuses around two versions of the titletrack.  I think it’s pretty groovy.  I definitely love both versions of ADP.  At a combined 19:45, they’re both interesting enough to keep me tuned in.  I think my favorite track is “Heirloom.” It’s got a great folky sound that for some reason reminds me a little of Simon & Garfunkel.

This is one of Stevens’ few releases since 2005’s The BQE, which was really weird and electronic (not that electronica is always weird!).  I really like it, and I’ll be listening to it until his full length, “The Age of Adz” comes out October 12th.  While I listen, I will be imagining him singing it to me, because he is hot sauce and that’s my prerogative.


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3 responses to “Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens

  • Bob

    Heather, thanks for stoppy by our blog. I just downloaded that new Sufjan and look forward to listening to it. Thanks.


  • Danny

    Nice blog Heather (or should I say Hezaire). Haven’t picked up the new Sufjan yet, but have to say that when I lived in New York, “Illinoise” was on constant rotation on my iPod and was the perfect theme music to my daily walks to work. If what he put out recently is anywhere near as good, I should probably pick it up.

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading

    Danny 🙂

    • hezaire

      hey, danny!
      it’s pretty good. definitely looking forward to the full length. thanks for stopping by. btw, i’m stoked to catch 42Five live. you guys sound AMAZEBALLS.

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